They were once hellraising party boys, but Blue have sworn off the booze on their upcoming tour.

The quartet, famed for wild nights out in the early 2000s, have announced a string of UK dates to mark their 20th anniversary. But parties?

"I think we’ve done all that," says Anthony Costa, 40.

"Pipe and slippers, that’s me."

Lee Ryan, who has said he has a more "sensible" relationship with alcohol since bandmate Duncan James, 43, checked him into rehab followed by a second stint in 2014, vows: "I won’t drink. I’d rather not."

He also wants to protect his vocal chords, which are key to the group’s famous harmonies, after having a cyst removed from the muscle in 2015.

Blue's wild party boy antics are a thing of the past (


Daily Record)

"You’ve got to live carefully and cleanly to look after it," says Lee, 38.

"I’ll be starting vocal training in January. It’s like if you were told you were going to play in the World Cup – you’d start playing five a side."

The All Rise stars – who are now all dads – have requested manuka honey, lemon and mint among other things in their dressing room – but no booze.

"It’s a personal choice, but I doubt we’ll have any because it’s so tempting coming off stage," says Simon Webbe, who adds the boys used to come off stage “pumped” and crack into champagne.

Tickets for the Heart & Soul tour, starting in September, go on sale Friday.

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