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Black Panther star Letitia Wright says she’s being ‘cancelled’ after controversial Covid-19 vaccine comments

BLACK Panther star Letitia Wright claimed she's been "cancelled" after sharing her controversial opinions on Covid-19 vaccines.

The actress, 27, sparked backlash after posting a video that questioned the safety and effectiveness of a potential vaccine for the virus.

Letitia - best known for playing T-Challa's sister Shurri in Black Panther - shared an episode from a YouTube series called On The Table.

During the clip, presenter Tomi Arayomi says: “I don’t understand vaccines medically, but I’ve always been a little bit of a skeptic of them.”

Letitia posted the clip on Twitter alongside a prayer hands emoji.

After being branded "irresponsible" for her post, the Avengers star hit back on Twitter.

"If you don't conform to popular opinions. but ask questions and think for get cancelled," she wrote.

Letitia added: "Not my intention to make anyone upset nor am I saying don't take it.

"I'm just concerned about what's in it that's all. Isn't that fair to question or ask?"

After one user told her to read some medical journals, the Black Mirror star responded: "Still have a right to worry about how my body will react. It's not lazy, it's thinking for myself."

The Marvel star added: "Make an example out of me for asking if something is right for my body before taking it. interesting world we live in."

Letitia's Avengers: Endgame costar, Don Cheadle, replied to her tweet about getting "cancelled" with the words: "Bye, Letitia..."

He later deleted the tweet and explained that he was just "jabbing at her for her tweet rhyming letitia with felicia".

After being told to watch the video Letitia had shared by a follower, the 56-year-old actor said: "Jesus... just scrolled through. hot garbage.

"Every time I stopped and listened, he and everything he said sounded crazy and fkkkd up.

"I would never defend anybody posting this. but i still won't throw her away over it. The rest I'll take off twitter. Had no idea."

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