If social media is to be believed, a fisherman in Malaysia recently made a catch with a surprisingly human-like set of chompers.

A photo was posted to Twitter by user @raff_nasir on July 2 and it swiftly picked up viral fame as more and more people commented on the lips and teeth of this particular specimen.

Identified as what’s known as triggerfish by local media, Metro.co.uk spoke to the World Wildlife Fund who suggested the fish may be a sheepshead fish.

Either way, it’s a strange beast.


Triggerfish are supposedly territorial and aggressive, charging at intruders and using those impressive teeth to battle with crabs and sea urchins, according to National Geographic.

Locally, the odd-looking creature is known as ayam laut or ikan jebong, reports the Rakyat Post.

It goes on to say the species is highly sought for the aquarium trade which leads to fishermen gathering the threatened species from the wild.