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Biden gets permission from White House to receive top-secret national security briefings

The move comes just a day after Donald Trump agreed that the federal government should start the official transition process.

Now Mr Biden will get the President’s Daily Brief, a highly-classified document prepared every morning and given to the president and a small number of top officials, according to CNN.

Mr Biden’s transition team had complained that he was unable to receive national security briefings while Mr Trump refused to conceded the election.

But following the formal notice from the General Services Administration that the transition can begin Mr Biden can now receive the PDB, a White House official told CNN.

Once GSA chief Emily Murphy had officially recognised Mr Bide as the president-elect it meant his team could access millions of dollars in federal funds to carry out the transition.

It is not known when Mr Biden will receive his first intelligence briefing.

Mr Trump has still refused to concede to Mr Biden but said that he would allow the transition to begin “in the best interests of our country.”

The outgoing president has seen his legal efforts to overturn election results in battleground states repeatedly thrown out by judges for lack of evidence.

And officials in Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania have all now certified Mr Biden’s win in the states as he topped the 80 million vote mark across the country.

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