Heartless cybercriminals are trying to fleece people using a fake John Lewis voucher giveaway.

Metro has learned that a dodgy link is spreading on WhatsApp which promises to give people £100 of John Lewis vouchers.

However, once they click on the link and answer some questions they are asked to give away their WhatsApp details or their address – two bits of information which are very useful to hackers.

Potential victims are sent a message which says: ‘John Lewis is giving away £100 Voucher to celebrate its 96th anniversary.

‘Get your free Voucher at [a web address we’ve decided to censor].

‘Enjoy and thanks me later.’

Victims and people who didn’t fall for the con trick are now discussing the scam on Twitter.



On a customer support Twitter account, John Lewis told one customer: ‘We’ve become aware of this issue today and have flagged to the relevant team within our business.’

One customer who fell for the trick tweeted: ‘If you get a WhatsApp message saying you can get a free 100-pound voucher for John Lewis, avoid it.

‘They say send to 20 friends then you can select a store, I sent to about 80 and it still wouldn’t let me select store. AVOID, LET THEM PAY FOR THEIR ADVERTISING, I just wasted an HOUR!!!’

Have you fallen victim to the John Lewis voucher scam? Contact [email protected]