A brand new Christmas market is coming to Beverley this year.

But, stallholders will have to dig out their Santa hats and Christmas jumpers before turning up to the event or risk their stall being closed down.

EY Events strictly order that those pitching up a stall at The Made in East Yorkshire Christmas Market must wear festive clothing throughout the market's stint - as well as their staff.

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Those who do not adhere to the rules will not be granted a refund for their stall's closure either.

In the terms and conditions for stallholders, EY Events state: "All stallholders and their staff MUST be dressed festively. Failure to do so will result in the stall being closed down immediately with no refund.

"Every stallholder is responsible for dressing their stall in an attractive and festive manner, to contribute to the overall impression of the event to the satisfaction of EY Events."

Set to be located in the Saturday Market, the event will debut on Monday, December 13, and will run until Friday, December 17.

The Made in East Yorkshire Christmas Market aims to support and promote local businesses while extending the Christmas celebrations sparked by the Beverley Festival of Christmas on December 12.

Applications for stall pitches at the event closed on Tuesday, October 19. Applicants will be notified as to the success of their application by Wednesday October 27.

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