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Better Call Saul is as good as it gets — the best twist is you don’t have to have seen Breaking Bad

Better Call Saul (15)



BREAKING Bad was world class, almost the perfect TV series. Every plotline was tied up in a beautifully crafted bow and sent on its way.

When creator Vince Gilligan and ­Netflix announced they were making a prequel, based on the life of dubious lawyer Saul Goodman, many (including myself) were nervous.

When it finally arrived, for fans of ­Walter White it took some getting used to.

Not only was everyone feverishly trying to calculate the timeline and era, but the pacing was a lot more gentle – reminiscent of the more tranquil moments of its predecessor.

Then, probably about two or three episodes in – you got it. Bob Odenkirk introduces us to Jimmy McGill, the ambitious young upstart that is Anakin to Saul’s Vader.

We then follow his path from trainee lawyer to the brash corner-cutter we know and love.

As Jimmy’s transition takes place and his clients go from crackhead chancers to the cartel (eventually giving him a connection to Heisenberg) we meet plenty of familiar faces.

But the series’ true heroes are Spinal Tap’s Michael McKean as his brother Chuck and the utterly incredible Rhea Seahorn as his strained partner Kim Wexler.

It’s no understatement when I put these two actors and characters up there with the absolute best of them – Tony Soprano, Jon Snow, Kendall Roy – the lot of ’em.

Another joy of this show is the way Vince Gilligan has retrospectively built the universe.

Who knew that watching the foundations of an amazing building being laid would be as pleasurable as the finished article?

Better Call Saul is as good as it gets. The best twist is, you can watch it without having a clue about Breaking Bad.

Better Call Saul season three trailer features Breaking Bad villain Gus Fring

Money Heist (18)



WITH part four having just dropped on Netflix, now is a good time to introduce you to a cracker of a series – one I discovered while laid up recovering from My Sharona.

This Spanish crime drama begins with a genius plan to break into Spain’s Royal Mint, hold all the staff hostage and setting them to work printing hundreds of millions of euros.

The operation is run remotely by the mysterious “Professor”, while the Salvador Dali-masked team of criminals take charge of the building.

The following episodes follow the crooks’ plan, their relationship with the hostages and the attempts by the cops to thwart them.

Part Oceans 11, part Point Break – this is bloody great. (Don’t forget to switch the subtitles language.)

Money Heist: Part Four trailer hints Nairobi will survive her injuries

Hustlers (15) 109mins

Amazon Prime


THIS caper would normally be a cheese-fest but instead we get one of the greatest comebacks (by Jennifer Lopez) I’ve seen in years.

Constance Wu stars as Destiny, a stripper looking for a break – which duly comes courtesy of veteran dancer Ramona (Lopez).

They enjoy their success, until the financial crash of 2008. With the strip club empty the pair decide to drug unsuspecting suitors and steal their cards.

Director Lorene Scafaria’s film – “Strippers are normal y’know” – has been compared to a Scorsese movie.

It’s fast paced, brimming with attitude and never attempts to justify the women’s actions.

Then there’s J-Lo, stealing every scene. She’s in full-on diva mode, from her entrance in a rhinestone-studded piece of string to a shot of her on a rooftop wearing a chinchilla fur and smoking a fag.

This is a sexy, morally ambiguous romp.

Hustlers - Jennifer Lopez plays a stripper in crime drama with star-studded cast including Julia Stiles and Cardi B

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