Musicals can provide that feel-good feeling that we all sometimes crave, and watching them in the comfort of your own home can be an added bonus thanks to modern technology.

Like TV series or films, there are also an array of musicals on offer via streaming services like Netflix, Amazon or Prime Video for you to get your teeth stuck into.

If you're stuck on what to choose this winter, Manchester Evening News have collated a list of the best musicals on offer to help you decide.

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Burst into song or dance with some choices or be invested in a poignant storyline, this list has it all.


This 2010 musical is a fancy affair staring the legendary Cher (Tess) and Christina Aguilera (Ali) in a fight to make it big. Ali champions in her conquest by singing her way through the ranks under the mentorship of Tess who plays a veteran performer. This musical is available to watch on Netflix.


It can't be a musical list without mentioning Grease. The teenage classic contains classic songs that have become well known globally including "You're the One That I Want". If you're looking for a musically induced trip down memory lane this film is perfect. This musical is available to watch on Netflix.

Mary Poppins Returns

The sequel to the classic is as lighthearted as the original and contains acting legends such as Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda. The musical offers the chance to forget our worries and offers comfort. This musical is available to watch on Netflix.


Created by the legendary Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Evita tells the story of Eva Peron, an Argentinian actor who escaped poverty and eventually rose to be the wife of president Juan Domingo Perón played by Madonna. Watch this musical on Amazon Prime Video.

Muppets Christmas Carol

If you're looking for a Christmas musical this year then the Muppets Christmas Carol is a surefire choice. The message of friendship, family and love transcends the musical itself. This musical is available to watch on Disney Plus.


Another classic composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cats is based on a poetry collection by T.S Elliot. The most well-known song from the musical is Memory as sung by Grizabella. It is the fourth-longest-running Broadway show and is now available to watch on NOW TV.

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