Ben Shephard is willing best friend Kate Garraway to do well and stay in I'm a Celebrity – but is also “enjoying the peace and quiet” whilst she is away from his side.

TV hosts Ben and Kate have worked together for over a decade on breakfast TV and she secretly confided in him about going on I'm A Celeb.

After watching her first week in camp, Ben thinks the show will change and simplify her life when motormouth Kate leaves the jungle.

Asked if the experience will affect her, Ben said: “Yes. What I am hoping is the experience will change and simplify her life.

When Kate turns up anywhere whether it is work or we are going out, she usually has about 15 bags with her, full of endless stuff everywhere.

Ben Shepherd is cheering on pal Kate Garraway during her jungle stint

She has got so little in the jungle, I am hoping it will simplify the extraneous nonsense she brings around on a daily basis.

“If that happens and if it gets her down to two bags in the mornings it will be a win all round!

“Her husband Derek says the house is a lot tidier and calmer with her in the jungle.

“I can't wait to see her and tell her how proud I am of her, but I have also enjoyed the peace and quiet too, and not having to clear up after anybody. The guys I work with now don't drop things on the floor and expect me to pick it up.”

Ben and Kate first co-hosted together on GMTV and now regularly work as a duo on Good Morning Britain.

Ben Shepherd hosts Good Morning Britain with Kate Garraway

He says her interviewing skills have come in handy as she helps provide I'm A Celeb bosses with lots of content and gets the other contestants to open up in conversation.

Ben added: “Kate a trooper. She just needs some company and someone to talk with. She can talk, and talk as we can see!

“If ever one word was enough, she'll use 100. So having people around her that can't get away because they're stuck in the jungle, is like manner from heaven.

“The other thing about Kate is she's really inquisitive. So there was that great moment when all the girls were sitting in the sunshine talking about kids and family, and all the stuff she's talking to Caitlyn Jenner about is absolutely fascinating.

Kate is appearing on I'm a Celeb

“I sometimes wish there were more interviewers in the jungle because you've got some amazing personalities with fabulous, incredible, fascinating stories. That was the first time that you got a chance to see Kate naturally just doing what she does brilliantly. But she's asking questions of people and eliciting information and knowledge that we are all gripped by and it's a really lovely way that she can bring out the best in the others as well, which I think it's one of her skills.”

Despite being an outsider to win with the bookies, Ben also insisted she has the right characteristics to be crowned Queen or get to the final stages.

“The general public are going to get to know her and I don't see why she couldn’t win it,” he said, speaking at the GMB studios.

“She is authentic, honest and hard working. For me she doesn't need to win it for it to be the experience she wanted it to be, but if she wins it will be the icing on the cake.

Ben said he felt sad for Kate when no one hugged her

“But she is shining in there, I am really enjoying it because people are getting to know the Kate we all know and love. I am made up she took the plunge, her priority is her kids but I think she will benefit from this experience massively.

“I am loving watching her thrive in there, we went over the pros and cons together and so far I think she will be feeling she is enjoying it more than she would have imagined.”

Kate's family are also pleased with how she is progressing so far. Appearing on GMB, her husband Derek Draper said: “We miss her like mad but we’ve got a huge television just so we feel like she’s in the room.”

Kate Garraway's husband is gutted she hasn't said she missed him

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Referring to their two children Darcey, 13, and Bill, 10, he added: “I never get a mention. ‘I miss the kids’, what about me? The only bit where I felt really upset for her was something people might not have noticed, when there was good news about food delivered and she turned to hug someone and everyone was already hugging each other and I wanted to dive through the television and give her a massive hug.

“It is hard watching her struggle with things but equally I know how much she likes a challenge so in a way I know deep down she’s having the time of her life.”

Of whether she could win, Darcey said: “She’s so genuine and she will like keep trying and she won’t put herself first, she’s like so selfless she’ll just do everything for everyone else before she thinks of herself.” The family will fly out to Australia next week, along with other contestants' friends and family. Evictions are expected to start at the end of next week.