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Beauty fans are using LUBE as primer & claim it makes foundation look flawless – but expert warn it’s NOT a good idea

WE always thought we'd stop at nothing to achieve a glowing skin - acid toners, retinal serums, you name it.

But you know where we draw the line? Using LUBE as a primer.

Because believe it or not, this is the latest bonkers beauty trend taking TikTok by storm.

Social media star Rady went viral last month when she filmed a tutorial where she slathered her face in Durex's Aloe Vera lube before applying her base.

When questioned by fans, the beauty vlogger insisted it gives the skin a dewy finish.

She claimed: "One of its key ingredients is propylene glycol.


"It binds water and pulls in hydration to the outer skin layer.

"It helps give the skin a hydrated, dewy appearance."

Although we'd expect it to feel horrendously sticky on the skin, Rady insisted that lube has "moisturising benefits" and has a light finish.

That said, she did urge followers to do a patch test before trying this at home in case of any irritation.

And to be fair to Rady, her foundation certainly did look flawless - so we're not the least bit surprised that her TikToks inspired others to give it a try.

Currently, the #lubeprimer trend has amassed over eight MILLION views.

After giving it a go herself, TikToker Rachael - who has an account called LostinCosmetics - said her skin looked "really stinking good".

However, chemist Bruce Green - who founded skincare brand SOS Serum - has warned the trend could actually cause acne or dry out your skin.

He said: "It's an interesting idea and I can understand why a silicone-based lube would smooth the application of colour cosmetics.

"BUT because many lubricants are oil-based or water-based with a high level of glycerin, these formulations could block the pores, attract surface bacteria and atmospheric debris, which could possibly lead to acne.

"Many lubricants have a Melt Flow Index to be skin compatible - which is fine - just not underneath your makeup.

"As you warm up, so will your base and things could slide around.

"A high silicone formulation can also reduce the uptake of moisture to the skin, leading to dryness and flaking."

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