Baffled BRIT Awards viewers were left very distracted tonight as Ronnie Wood presented an award - but not because of anything he was saying.

The rock legend, 72, handed out the award for Male Solo Artist of the Year to Stormzy this evening.

However fans were left mesmerised by the bright yellow gloves that he was wearing, which were likened to marigolds.

Confused fans took to Twitter as they even speculated that he was wearing gardening or rubber gloves to the awards bash.

One tweeted: "Christ, Ronnie Wood's left his bloody marigolds on for the #brits #brits2020."

While another commented: "Is Ronnie Wood wearing gardening gloves?! #Brits2020."

A third remarked: "Ronnie Woods gloves though.. #Brits2020."

"Ronnie Wood is that rock and roll that he left the dishes in the sink to come and present an award! #Brits2020," another wrote.

One joked: "Ronnie Wood with the gloves is he watching out for the Corna virus or maybe just that vain hiding his old wrinkly hands how odd at 70 odd think youd be used to be living in your own skin by then even if its old #Brits2020."

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Meanwhile others joked about Stormzy and Ronnie's massive height difference.

A fan quipped: "i am OBSESSED with the fact that stormzy is three times the size of the tiny (rubber glove) wearing ronnie wood #Brits2020 #Brits"

Another wrote: "Lmaooo the height difference between Ronnie and Stormzy #brits2020."