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Bachelor fans OUTRAGED after Peter Weber gives rose to Victoria Fuller following her epic breakdown at hometown visit 


BACHELOR fans are outraged after Peter Weber gave his rose to controversial contestant Victoria Fuller following her epic breakdown at her hometown visit.
On this week’s episode, Peter and Victoria went to a bar for her hometown date in Virginia Beach.

After their date, Peter’s ex-girlfriend Merissa pulled to the side to warn him about Victoria, who she used to be friends with, claiming she broke up relationships.

But when Peter confronted Victoria, she broke down crying and claimed she was done with the show and their relationship.
But at the rose ceremony, Peter picked Victoria and sent home Kelsey Prewett.
Fans were outraged on social media for his shocking decision.

One fan wrote: “Alright Victoria F is the worst person to ever be on the bachelor... in history... so manipulative and conniving. I’m so over her and her toxic actions.”A second said: “Peter keeping Victoria...he’s suck a drama vampire.”
A third commenter wrote: “If Victoria wins i’m never watching The Bachelor again.”
A fourth fired: “Eff you Peter. You’re literally the worst bachelor EVER.”
Another posted a meme of a woman saying, “I am disgusted.”

On the episode, Merissa told Peter: “Be careful. That’s all I’m going to say. I’m from here. I know what a good guy you are. I would hate for who you are to be affected by someone else.
“I know you’re a great guy and you don’t deserve what you’re on a date with right now.”
She continued: “I used to be friends with her… things happened a couple of months ago. We’re not friends anymore. I don’t think you deserve that.
“There has been many relationships broken up because of her. I would hate to see that come to fruition for you.”

Peter said that it felt like a “bomb just got dropped.”
He continued: “I was having the most beautiful time with Victoria. I’m confused right now. I don’t know how to go about this. I don’t know what I want to do tonight. I want to have an honest conversation with her and I want to see what she had to say.”
When Peter confronted her, she responded: “I haven’t broken up any relationships. I’m disgusted right now. So much drama all the f**king time.
“I don’t want to do this.”

When Peter asked if she’s “giving up,” she snapped: “You came here to act like that? Excuse you, what?!”
He then said: “I simply told you what happened.”
She then fired: “You were supposed to meet my family tonight and you decided what Merissa told you is more important.”
She then told production she “can’t do this.”
She said while walking away: “I’m f**king so done. Get the f**k! I can’t I’m so serious. I can’t catch a break.”

After some time alone, Peter apologized for if she felt he took his ex-girlfriend’s side.
She responded: “I adore you. I wanted to tell you tonight I’m falling in love with you.”
He said: “How do you walk away and give up on this?”
She fired back: "You said you were going to take this stupid girl’s side. I can see your f**king face. How are we even going to move forward from this?"
The pilot responded: “By walking away and having a conversation.”
She replied: “I was so excited. It finally felt like you were someone I can be with. I had high hopes for you to meet my family. I’m so disappointed. I care about you so much.”
Peter then left, leaving Victoria to cry to her family.
The next day, she visited him in his hotel room to apologize.

He told her: “The possibility of you walking away. How am I supposed to have any kind of confidence in us? I see the 99 percent and it’s amazing. That one percent terrifies me.”
She then said that she “can’t walk away” from him.
The medical sales rep continued: “I can’t walk away from you. I can’t. That’s what I’m used to doing maybe. You said something to me on our second one on one. You said the ball is in your court. It’s in your court now.

“I can’t let you leave and you not know I’m falling in love with you. I have these feelings for you. I’m sorry again, I really really am.”
Before she left, she gave him a photo from their date.
At the rose ceremony, Peter shockingly gave Victoria the rose and sent Madison Prewett, 23, home.
Madison Prewett, 23, and Hannah Ann Sluss, 23, are the other remaining finalists.