Emergency services are on the scene tonight of an explosion in Ayr.

At least one house has been destroyed in a blast in Gorse Park in the Kincaidstone area of the town.

The explosion happened just after 7pm.

It is understood that the sound from the blast could be heard up to three miles away, according to reports on social media.

The cause of the blast or whether anyone has been injured is not yet known.

MSP offers sympathies to everyone affected

SNP MSP for Ayr Siobhian Brown has offered her sympathies to those affected.

She said: “Our thoughts are with those affected in the Kincaidston area as we hear reports of an explosion.

“Please avoid the area if you can and let the emergency services do their jobs.”

Community centre and restaurant says anyone affected by blast welcome

Kincaidston Community Centre has opened their doors for people affected by the incident while residents have offered food, blankets and shelter.

Tempura restaurant is also opening its doors to anyone affected by the explosion.

They posted a message on social media saying: "If anyone effected by the explosion in Kincaidston tonight is stuck for somewhere to go please let us know and we would be happy to welcome you into tempura."

Police are warning public to stay back from site of explosion

The area surrounding where the explosion took place has been evacuated.

The police are ordering people to stay at least 200m back.

A huge emergency service presence is in the area with multiple fire engines, police cars and ambulances.

Picture appears to show roof blown off property

This photograph appears to show the roof blown off the house where the explosion took place.

It sounded 'like a bomb going off'

Witnesses to tonight's explosion in Ayr have described it as sounding like a bomb going off.

A dad-of-three who heard a "massive explosion" half a mile away said it "sounded like a bomb going off, it was deafening."

Others said the blast could be heard three miles away from the source of the explosion.