Almost nine out of 10 troops accused of sex crimes are not convicted, new figures reveal.

Ministry of Defence data found there are convictions for just 15 per cent of forces personnel reported over sex allegations.

And in some cases those troops are allowed to carry on serving.

Labour’s shadow veterans minister Sharon Hodgson warned: “The MoD must do more to change behaviours and attitudes.”

And a woman with 15 years’ service added: “Every single female soldier I know has been the victim of some sort of sexual assault or harassment and most never get reported.

“If you make a complaint, you are either immediately labelled as s*** or a nutter.”

The latest figures published in the MoD’s annual report on Sexual Offences in the Service Justice System show that since 2016 over 627 investigations into allegations of rape and sexual assaults have been launched.

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But only 98 members of the armed forces were convicted by a military court.

Even in 2020, when many military barracks were in lockdown, at least 161 female personnel claimed they were victims of sex attacks.

Of those, 25 female personnel told military police they had been raped, while a further 89 said they had been sexually assaulted.

The conviction rate for rape and sexual assaults is far lower in the armed forces than the rest of society.

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