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AOC clashes with Mehgan McCain live on The View after being called 'bogeywoman of the right'

Meghan McCain referred to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as “the bogeywoman of the right” before the two embarked on a tense exchange about capitalism.

The congresswoman appeared on The View on Wednesday morning to discuss her support of Bernie Sanders in the 2020 presidential campaign.

At one point, McCain, known to be the conservative voice of the show, asked Ocasio-Cortez about what McCain views as “radical” ideas put forward by Sanders.

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“I feel like you’re the bogeywoman of the right and I’m the bogeywoman of the left, so it’s interesting to be talking to you,” McCain said.

“Because you’re proposing and what Bernie Sanders is proposing, you said Fox was, like, ushering in the apocalypse with both of you – but to conservatives like me that think big government is very dangerous, it is like the apocalypse.

“It’s not just that Bernie is asking a lot of voters to buy into what I consider radical ideas like the public college, the Green New Deal, Medicare for All – he’s advocating for a complete paradigm shift of the American system as we know it.

“And it’s a huge ask for people like me and it’s a huge ask for a lot of people, the seismic shift from capitalism to socialism.”

 McCain then asked Ocasio-Cortez if voters might not be more comfortable with a more “comfortable with a moderate candidate, the congresswoman responded:  “When you poll these abstract ideas, it’s one thing, but the majority of Americans would vote for Bernie Sanders.

“And that’s because of his record, of his commitment and his policies. But also, I think there’s one story that’s not really being told here. It’s what’s actually happening on the ground in America.”

She added: “I think that that reality, personally, does require a paradigm shift. This isn’t working for us. A $2.1 trillion tax cut which has been deemed capitalism at its finest doesn’t work for us.

“Losing your husband because he couldn’t afford insulin because Big Pharma cares about profits more than people as capitalism at its finest doesn’t work for us.”

Sanders is one of eight candidates still in the running for the 2020 Democratic nomination.