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Antony Costa reveals Blue once STOLE the private jet Donatella Versace sent for Blur in hilarious band name blunder

ANTONY Costa has revealed Blue once STOLE the private jet Donatella Versace sent for Blur in a hilarious band name blunder.

Antony, 39, revealed the fashion queen, 66, had personally invited them to fashion week in Milan - but she actually wanted chart rivals Blur not Blue.

Bungling aids of fashion legend Donatella invited the wrong band to Milan Fashion Week after Donatella told them to get "Bleuuughhh," Antony said.

The Fly By singer said: "So we got invited to Milan Fashion Week, by Donatella Versace. So we get a private plane out there, they flew us out there. We landed, went to the fashion show, and afterwards they were like 'Look, we want you to meet Donatella.'

So we lined up, like we were meeting the Queen, and she looked at us. I said to [Simon] Webbe, 'This is a bit weird, we're supposed to be one of the guests. Why wouldn't she want to say hello?'

"Anyway, to cut a long story short, when we get back to London, and she had invited Blur and not Blue."

Antony told Dancing on Ice semi-finalist Ben Hanlin's podcast Ben Behaving Dadly: "She's obviously gone to her PR, go and get me Bleuuughh. We were the new band out, so they must have thought, Ah, she meant Blue."

Blur's Alex James had words with him about it when they met years later.

"The mad thing was I meant Alex James years later and he was mucking about and was like 'Oi you. You took or tickets!'

I was like 'Mate, I didn't know.' "

During their prime in the early Noughties, All Rise singers Blue scored three No1 albums and landed two Brit awards.

Blur were out a few years before Blue and became household names with their cult classic tracks Girls & Boys and Parklife.

Meanwhile Anthony has revealed that he and bandmates Duncan James, Simon Webbe and Lee Ryan will be toning down their routines because they’re 'too old' to pull them off.

The best pals are due to go on the road for their 20th anniversary.

Antony told The Sun: "Prior to the pandemic we were still doing the odd gig here and there so we still know all the dance moves.

"There won’t be any back-flips involved though. You don’t want to see greying 40-year-old men trying to be 20-year-olds.

"When we did gigs in the past we said, ‘Boys, let’s not do the dad dance or Uncle K***head at a wedding’.

When we were younger we were always looking at people like The Temptations. What they did was slick and it was great."

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