AndaSeat is known for making great gaming chairs that come in all shapes and sizes, but unknown to most they make other products for the discerning gamer like the AndaSeat Mask2 table.

The AndaSeat Mask2 sports a very smart, simple design that is much more muted than the typical brazen gaming tables on the market.

The subtle visual features make this an ideal piece of furniture that can be situated anywhere around the house.

It’s really a minimalist table that’s enlivened by a few extra features such as the LED lights, cup holder and cable box.

This uncomplicated table is great for a mature gamer who wants a piece of furniture that can fit different scenarios around the house

AndaSeat have release their first range of products that aren't gaming chairs (



Like with most of AndaSeat’s products the Mask2 boasts an exceptional build quality that feels strong and sturdy, making it feel like it will last forever.

It’s a large table measuring 47” x 23” x 29”, which is great as it allows for multiple screens. I found it was able to fit two 27" screen with ease and still have some space.

The table is very spacious and even after littering it with all my essentials, there was still room from my gaming trinkets.

The laminated carbon fibre finish not only protects the table it also makes it feel that much more premium. Even though the tabletop looks slick, it’s not fingerprint resistant and picks up a few smudges and scuffs quite easily.

The AndaSeat Mask2 is an simple but stylish table (



The legs aren’t angled like most gaming tables which adds to the simple style, however, they feel tough and solid. AndaSeat says that it's capable of holding a max weight of 150kg which is way more than what it will be used for.

A gaming table wouldn’t be complete without LED lights and that's no different here. Located at each side of the table are probably its most eccentric features that enhance the simple design.

There are several colours to choose from, that are also powerful enough to light any room. The on-button for the light is situated on the right-hand side, so the table will have to be positioned in a relatively free space to access them.

They are powered by a USB cable that connects to your PC, which saves on having to find an extra socket but it just means you are constantly down a USB port but that's not a deal-breaker at all.

The LED lights liven the the table up (



The LED lights won’t be for everyone but they definitely help Mask2 to stand out and feel like an actual gaming table.

A really handy design feature is the cable box which is situated underneath the table. It does a great job at keeping all those pesky cables off the table and neatly packed away.

It does feel slightly weaker and cheaper compared to the rest of the table, but being situated underneath the table means it’s unlikely to wear out from constant interaction.

The cupholder is a great feature to have, but it also feels like a budget addition that’s not sturdy at all.

The AndaSeat Mask2 comes with several pieces including a screwdriver which is handy. The instruction manual gives an easy to follow step-by-step guide to build the table.

Assembly took about 1 hour and that's only due to the fact some of the pieces were slightly heavier than expected.


The AndaSeat Mask2 is a nice option for gamers who want an un-flamboyant table that does what it says on the box.

Its minimalist design coupled with some nice additions makes this a good choice for casual gamers.

The £299 price tag is slightly more for what you are getting compared to other gaming tables, but the sturdy build and robust design means you’ll probably won't be parting with it for a while.

The AndaSeat Mask2 is available now for £299