Carlo Ancelotti believes the long-term future of the football economy will change because of the coronavirus crisis, saying salaries and TV deals will be hit.

In an interview with Corriere dello Sport today, the Everton boss has also said he thinks it highly unlikely that the Premier League will return in May whilst also saying talk of players needing two or three weeks preparation is unnecessary.

The league remains suspended until at least April 30 and in a statement last night, issued in conjunction with the EFL and PFA, the Premier League said games would only return when it was "safe and conditions allow".

“Today the priority is health, limiting the infection," Ancelotti told the Italian newspaper, as cited by Goal.

"Everything else is secondary. When you start again, when you finish, the dates, the promises, the hopes ... believe me, I don't care, at the moment it is the least of my thoughts.

"The Premier League has forced clubs to give everyone three weeks of vacation, players, coaches, staff.

"The initial idea was to start again in May, but there is no question that we will succeed.

"I hear about cutting salaries, suspension of payments. They seem to me outdated, untimely solutions ...

"Soon the economy will change, and at all levels, TV rights will be worth less, footballers and coaches will earn less, tickets will cost less because people will have less money. Let's get ready for a general contraction.”

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Ancelotti, however, insists his primary focus is not the future of the game but ensuring the world fights Covid-19.

“What matters now is to fight the virus effectively, I repeat," he is quoted as saying.

"Then, of course, if it will be possible to continue the season, well, otherwise amen.

"It makes me laugh who insists on making speeches about preparation times, there are even those who talk about three weeks of training. They are bulls**t.

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The Carlo Ancelotti Story

"It is a joke, that of preparation is a false myth. I remember that in 2006, because of Calciopoli, AC Milan initially left the first four places and then from Europe, all of a sudden in order not to make Lazio move back, we were removed from the penalty and we were forced to make the Champions League preliminaries.

"I had to phone the kids who were on vacation because four days later we would have to face the Red Star.

"Cafu returned from Brazil 24 hours earlier and played 90 minutes."