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Amy Childs reveals her breast exploded leaving her with a lump as she shows off new boobs after removing huge implants

AMY Childs has revealed the shocking moment she was forced to remove her huge breast implants after one exploded and left her with a lump.

The reality TV queen, 29, has removed her double E sized implants after three enlargements to reveal her new C cup boobs for the first time - and urges young girls not to go under the knife in their teens after her painful ordeal.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Amy has bravely opened up about the terrifying moment doctors told her she had a lump in her breast - caused by botched boob jobs - after she made the decision to go under the knife at just 18 and against her mum's wishes.

The stunning mum-of-two, who posed for our exclusive pictures showing off her new natural look after also ditching her signature bright red hair dye, opened up about the eight hour operation in May to remove her huge implants after they caused her "horrendous" pain.

"I started getting pain in my left implant, and when I had it checked out it had ruptured," she says.

"I was so scared. It was so bad. I was in horrendous pain. I was terrified because implants can leak into your organs -  it's not good at all.

"I didn't like my big boobs anyway and deeply regret having them - I looked so big, everyone used to just stare at my boobs and they were so wonky too, they were a mess."

But when Amy went back for reconstruction surgery and to have her smaller C cups fitted in June, doctors discovered the lump caused by the implants leaking into her breast tissue.

Amy revealed: "My old implants had leaked into my breast tissue and it formed a lump.

"It was so dangerous, they said that if I'd waited a couple of years I would be in trouble."

Thankfully, Amy later discovered the lump wasn't cancerous but wishes she'd never had boob jobs in her teens after her terrifying ordeal.

She said: "I went to a really lovely school, a private school, but of course you still get the boys who said "she's got no boobs!"

"I saved up to have my boobs done when I was 18, to have double A cups.

"I then went under the knife again when I was 23 to have even bigger boobs taking me to a C.

"Then when I left Towie I was offered a free boob job and before I knew it I was a double E.

"Then I had the two kids and they just got bigger and bigger."

After a gruelling eight hour operation and months of excruciating pain, Amy now wants to urge her fans to learn from her mistakes and wait until they're older to make decisions on plastic surgery.

She said: "I feel a completely different person now and I'm happy I look more natural now I'm a full time mum.

"I've had three boob jobs now and I'm only 29. I just wish I had waited until after I'd had my children - and that's what I 'd say to everyone else - just really think about it first.

"I definitely regret my boob jobs and having surgery so young.

"But I'm so relieved now I've got my perfect boobs, they are tiny and I get no pain at all."

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