Wales and England are at very similar stages in the Covid pandemic according to the latest figures.

The vast majority of Covid restrictions have been lifted in England and the impact of these has not yet been fully reflected in the figures.

Wales will not be at similar levels of freedom until August 7 (depending on the state of the virus) and it is worth looking at what the Covid situation here is like compared with over the border.

Infection rate

Wales infection rate remains significantly below that of England. What is interesting is that both countries are seeing a slowing of the rate of increase with Wales in particular seeing several days of sustained decline.

As well as the slower re-opening, the reason for Wales' lower infection rate could be because its vaccination programme is further ahead than England. This both reduces the chance of some who is vaccinated passing on the virus and the chance of some catching it.


Though cases are flying in up in both England and Wales the amount of deaths has stayed very low though we are now seeing signs of this increasing.

This graph shows the amount of deaths a day in Wales since February:

This graph shows the amount of deaths a day in England since February:

It is hard to directly compare the amount of deaths in England and Wales when looking at the raw numbers because Wales has such a smaller population.

To do this WalesOnline have looked at the deaths per 100,000 for each day for both countries. This is a clumsy metric because just one death in Wales can skew the data significantly - but it offers a way to visualise the situation. It certainly suggests that Wales and England are at similar points

Hospital admittance

In previous waves there has been a clear and direct link between cases and hospital admittance. This link has been weakened significantly by the vaccine but not broken. After the significant spike in cases (and because of the lower vaccination rate), England has seen an increase in hospital admissions - although not at close to the same rate as previous waves.

Wales' has seen a significant spike in the last week. You can read more about this here.

This graph compares the two countries with the figures on the left applying to Wales and the right to England.

Vaccination rates

Despite unlocking earlier than Wales, England has a lower percentage of its population vaccinated.

Though Wales had a slow start to the rollout it now comfortably the most advanced UK nation in terms of percentage of population given two jabs. As of July 24, 78.2% of Welsh adults had been given two jabs compared to 69.9 in England.

This graph compares the two countries:

There have been challenges with many young people not being vaccinated. WalesOnline spoke to some of the young people who wouldn't be vaccinated here.

Highest areas

It is hard to compare England and Wales as whole entities because they are so different in size. Plus Wales has far fewer areas of very dense population.

Instead of comparing Wales to England, it is interesting to compare Wales as a whole with regions of England as the sizes are more similar.

This is how Wales compares to regions of England:

The lists below show the local authorities with the highest infection rate in England compared to Wales.