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Police Enhances Security With Mobile Services

“We are monitoring their operating hours and will surely take necessary action against those who fail to adhere,” he said. 

Police officers serving their duties at the Police caravan site in Labasa on August 3, 2023. Photo: Sampras Anand

The setting up of a police caravan in Labasa Town since last Sunday has been welcomed by residents and ratepayers.

The caravan allows them and members of the public an opportunity to lodge complaints in town instead of having to travel to the Labasa Police Station at Namara. The mobile caravan services is offered by Police this week and expectation is this will continue in the following weeks.

Acting Divisional Police Commander North, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Kemueli Baledrokadroka, said the caravan mobile services was part of the operational efforts to increase visibility in Labasa Town.

Special thanks was made towards the Duavata Northern Crime Prevention Carnival Committee for its donation to mitigate criminal incidents.

SSP Baledrokadroka said Labasa being a small municipality and had only a few nightclubs operating.

“We are monitoring their operating hours and will surely take necessary action against those who fail to adhere,” he said.

The caravan will also be deployed to major public events and recently it was assigned to the secondary schools’ rugby playoffs at Subrail Park last Saturday.

Plans for residential caravan services

SSP Baledrokadroka said the plans is to shift the caravan services around at densely populated areas in Labasa.

These places include: Vunika, Vunivau, Bulileka, Tuatua and Naodamu areas, especially on weekends.

The special taskforce is responsible for monitoring nightclub and town hotspot areas.

“This also applies for other criminal offences that are committed during the hours of darkness,” he said.

Labasa Chamber of Commerce and Industries president, Satish Kumar, said the initiative would boost the prevention of crime.

Mr Kumar said even the presence of police officers on our streets would stir fear in criminals and those planning to engage in crime related activities.

A resident, Nemani Dolodai, 41, supported the police initiative of providing caravan services and beat patrols in town vicinity.

“The police presence will instill fear in drunkards and notorious individuals in town to reduce street fights and hopefully block black market dealers,” he said.

Vehicle owners and transport providers have shown their appreciation towards the police caravan initiative.

Labasa Taxi Association (LTC) general secretary, Sujit Sharma, believed increased police presence was timely.

“Our drivers will feel safe to park their vehicles and wait for passengers in town, especially during the night, when they provide service to some nightclub goers,” he said.

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