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Minister Charan Jeath Singh, 'I have brought an investor to buy cassava from Vanualevu'. Crikey, the investor will be buying 10,000 tons a week at $400. In other others, $4million a week of cassava to make cassava chips

The investor is 'Russian speaking business tycoon' ANWAR KHAN, the investor who had promised to start a million dollar oil and diesel project in Fiji.
*What happened to his promise of opening petrol stations?
*What about the large parcels of State lands that was doled out to him by the Bainimarama-Khaiyum government for fuel tanks and storage?

Good news for cassava farmers in Vanua Levu, as they can supply 10,000 tonnes of cassava every week at the price of $400 a tonne.

In a meeting held in Labasa yesterday, facilitated by Minister for Sugar Charan Jeath Singh, the sale of cassava will begin next week.

Mr Singh said during his campaign leading up to the General Election last year, many farmers asked him for assistance in terms of selling their crops.

“So we had a few options which included setting up a flour mill in Vanua Levu so I approached Anwar Khan in Lautoka who owns the cassava flour factory,” he said.

“He then offered to come and buy the cassava from farmers in the North every week and pay them $400 a tonne and that I why we have organized this meeting.

“This is good for the rural dwellers who can now sell their cassava to the company.”

The company, Tavioka Organics owned by Mr Khan will buy its first lot of cassava next week.

“Meeting with these farmers has been very fruitful and I see there is a need here for the sale of cassava,” he said. “So this is an opportunity for them to plant more cassava and make a good living and we will start buying next week with 10,000 tonnes.

“Our truck will come from Lautoka to Vanue Levu, pick up the cassava and we will buy all sizes as long as it can be peeled and used.”

Mr Khan, who was born in Drasa, Lautoka and moved to Australia returned home to set up his business and has helped Fijians.

“We are here to stay and to help people like these farmers who are in need of selling crops and get an income.”

Fijileaks: In May 2015, Anwar Khan phoned our Founding Editor-in-Chief out of the blue and claimed that big oil companies in Fiji bribed Police and the DPP to charge him

Originally from Drasa, Lautoka

Left Fiji at the age of 17 for New Zealand

Claims to have lived in Australia,Dubai, Russia and Ukraine for the last 40 years.

Claims to have built a refinery in Ukraine which is shown in his website Diesel Refinery Fiji.

Khan even is helping the regime to change to Euro Standards of Diesel in Fiji.

Khan wants to import black diesel which will be banned for use after 2016 to refines in Fiji to convert to diesel.

So many local businessman have invested in his service station and refinery that are to be built in Fiji.

Khan is always seen in company of Abdul Khan (FSC), Zarine Ali (Aunty's husband) also advisers for his project.

He has leased Vatia wharf in BA.

Given 20 acres of Crown land to develop a refinery in Natabua seaside prime land.

Name suppression for what reason?

Khan is also involved with the largest Madrasa (see photo below) located next to his factory


"A Lautoka businessman who allegedly imported 5.4 kilograms of pseudoephedrine has been allowed to travel abroad by the Lautoka High Court this morning. Aaron Anwar Khan’s lawyer made an application in court today to release his passport and to allow him to travel overseas. Khan was charged last year in August for illegally importing the drugs into the country. The parcel was sent from Ukraine and addressed to him before customs intercepted it at Nadi Airport. Khan’s lawyer had asked for name suppression but this was later squashed in the high court." FBC News, February 2015.

Listen to the 'Russian speaking business tycoon' ANWAR KHAN