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AOG Church Leaves Fukushima Decision to Relevant Authorities

“We don’t make decisions on that, but we leave it to the right authorities to decide,” he said. 

Assemblies of God general secretary, Pastor Filikesa Koroivueta. Photo: Kelera Sovasiga

The Assemblies of God’s (AOG) Church in Fiji is confident of the decision made by the those in power.

AOG general secretary Pastor Filikesa Vueta said this yesterday while responding to the Fukushima nuclear plant wastewater disposal into the Pacific Ocean.

Pastor Vueta said while the church had not explored the damaging effects of the disposal in Fiji and the region, he said it was imperative for authorities to maintain the safety and peace of its people.

“We don’t make decisions on that, but we leave it to the right authorities to decide,” he said.

His decision has received a lot of flak not only from Opposition but including those within the ranks of Government.

In biblical context, Pastor Koroivueta said God was also an environmentalist.

“When He (God) fed the 5000 with five loaves of bread and two fishes, He told His discipleship to pick up the bits and pieces and they filled 12 baskets again,” he said.

“Imagine if they had left all those scraps, it would have littered that area. God cares for the upkeep and cleanliness of our surroundings, for human beings were created to fill the earth to live in peace and safety.”

Government’s stand to support the decision were met by regional and world criticisms.

A report by the German Institute for Marine Research has shown that radioactive materials will spread to most of the Pacific Ocean within 57 days from the date of discharge and spread to the global ocean within 10 years.

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