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Why do cats scratch up furniture?

When you decide to have a pet cat, expect scratching; it’s a typical cat thing.

All cats, wild or not, scratch to sharpen claws and mark their territory, which can mean they scratch anything, even your furniture.

To stop them from ruining furniture, offer a better scratching option for your cat.

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Cats keep their claws healthy by scratching.

Their claws, like human nails, are made of keratin but have multiple layers.

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Why cats scratch our furniture

Scratching helps shed old layers, revealing sharper claws for hunting and climbing.

Cats that scratch often don’t need frequent claw trimming, so it’s good to encourage this with scratching posts.

Trimming your cat’s nails can prevent paw problems. Hepper’s Cat Nail Clipper Set is excellent; it includes two clipper sizes, a nail file, and a pouch. The clippers have safety features and durable stainless steel blades.

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Cats often scratch stuff, and they have various reasons for it.

Pets, including cats, don’t think about right or wrong; they just do what they need.

Certain cat breeds are less likely to ruin furniture because they’re calmer.

Others might scratch things because they don’t have a better option, leading to destructive scratching on furniture, carpets, walls, or door posts.


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