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Can I feed my cat mashed potatoes?

Choosing the right treats to share with your cat can be tricky, especially if your cat shows interest in your food.

You might also worry about your cat stealing a bite of something toxic.

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If your cat craves mashed potatoes, you might be wondering if it’s a safe treat.

The answer depends on what’s in it. A small bite of soft, boiled potato on its own won’t harm your cat.

However, many other ingredients in mashed potatoes can potentially make your cat sick.

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Is mashed potatoes ideal for cats?

Mashed potatoes are not an ideal treat for cats, even if they lack harmful ingredients.

Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they require meat to survive and don’t need much else in their diet.

Unlike humans, cats don’t derive significant nutrition from carbohydrates; their digestive systems aren’t designed for it, and too much starch can be difficult for them to digest.

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Cats need a high-protein diet with moderate fat, typically around 25% protein and 10% fat in their food.

These percentages may vary slightly based on age and activity level, but this general guideline helps determine what’s a suitable treat.

Cats also require a variety of vitamins and minerals, similar to humans.


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