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What is cat nuzzling?

Cat nuzzling is when a cat rubs its head and face on things or people.

This shows trust, affection, and comfort because cats have scent glands in their cheeks and forehead.

When they nuzzle, cats tell their owners they trust them, want attention, or find comfort.

It’s a natural cat behavior that shows a close bond between a cat and its owner.

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Why do cats nuzzle?

Cats are independent and have their own personalities.

Some may seem indifferent, but they have unique ways of showing affection.

Cats communicate with us through purring, vocalizing, body language, and physical contact.

Cat nuzzling is a way they express affection, seek comfort, and ask for attention.

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Cats use various ways to show affection, and many cats nuzzle.

Cats usually stay away from strangers, so if they nuzzle you, it’s a sign of love.

Remember, not all cats nuzzle; their personalities and actions vary.

If your cat is a nuzzler, it’s a clear sign they love and appreciate you!


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