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How to stop my dog from biting me

Dogs may engage in non-aggressive biting behavior, which can be tiresome.

This behavior is common in puppies and can persist in adult dogs if not discouraged.

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Determine if your dog’s biting behavior is aggressive or not before proceeding with training.

Normal mouthing or biting during play can be addressed with training.

Aggressive biting requires professional guidance from a veterinarian or animal behaviorist to avoid potential injuries.

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1. Time-out

During play, yelp and turn away when your dog tries to bite.

Ignore your dog for 10 to 20 seconds and move away if they persist in mouthing.

Resume play but repeat the yelp if your dog attempts to bite again.

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2. Get your pup chew toys

Use toys as a distraction when your dog tries to bite.

Offer the toy when you see your furry friend gearing up to bite or mouth.

Don’t interrupt play; let your dog engage with the toy instead of your skin.

Incorporate games like fetch or tug of war that don’t involve skin contact.

Carry the redirection toy with you if your dog goes for your ankles or feet.

Teach your dog that playing without mouthing keeps your attention.

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3. Teach them not to bite you

Bite inhibition is best taught during puppyhood but can be taught to adult dogs.

The goal is to teach your pup that biting too hard causes pain.

When your dog bites hard, yelp and let your arm go limp to show it hurts.

Your pet will learn that biting hard results in an end to play.

Repeat this process consistently to encourage your dog to stop the behaviour.

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4. Remain consistent

Consistency is crucial in anti-bite training.

Involve everyone in the family and ensure they follow the same methods.

Set clear boundaries and stick to them.

Avoid confusion by consistently reacting when your dog bites.

Over time and with consistency, these training methods can effectively stop your dog from biting.


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