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Chery’s bid to usher in the next generation of cars

We are part of a generation that seeks to inject a bit of style and panache into all facets of life. While previous generations didn't care much about aesthetic aspects, we want our products to look as stylish as we want them to be functional. This has enabled a lot of brands to enter various industries and make a mark. Take Chery for example.

In the past decade, Chery has become one of the biggest automobile brands in the world. With a keen focus on technology and innovation, it has amassed global sales of more than 11 million units.  Chery Automobile Co, is also part of the Chery Jaguar Land Rover; one of the biggest Sino-British premium automotive joint ventures in the world. It has an R&D team numbering 5,500 people across centres in China, Germany, United States, and Brazil, working relentlessly to develop the cars of the future

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Mohammed Nayab Mahmood, Head of Business, Chery Bangladesh

With its futuristic designs, Chery has been translating their global ambitions into Bangladesh's market. Speaking to Mohammad Nayab Mahmood, the Head of Business of Chery Bangladesh, we got a little insight on these ambitions. "Our aim is to make Chery an aspiration point in people's lives. We want to inspire people to improve their lives through efficient mobility and attainable luxury. We want to enable them to create incredible memories with our vehicles," he explained.

All of Chery's vehicles make a statement of their own with their presence on the road. A unique blend of European and oriental aesthetics, it is packed with cutting edge tech that make their vehicles very human-centric. They also exhibit a very practical utilisation of spaces, making it a perfect blend of substance and style.

Chery primarily targets people looking for a technologically advanced SUV. They provide a plethora of options, starting from entry-level Crossover SUVs to full-size 7-seater SUVs. All of their vehicles have been meticulously crafted to dominate the streets of Dhaka. "Our robust chassis allows slightly higher ground clearance than other vehicles in its class — this allows the vehicle to be more manoeuvrable on the rougher roads of Dhaka," Mahmood stated, while explaining what makes Chery suitable for our market.

He discussed some of the standout features of their best sellers. Their flagship 7-seater vehicle — Tiggo 8 Pro — is more suitable for going out with the whole family on-board, while the entry-level crossover SUV —Tiggo Compact — can zip around the alleys of Dhaka without much fuss. Furthermore, all the vehicle models come with ECO mode that allows better fuel efficiency in traffic congested roads.

Despite being new to the world of automobile, Mahmood has quickly adapted to his new role and is all-in to make Chery one of the revered names in the market. He disclosed how quickly he had to learn things and elaborated on his role in bridging the gap between Chery and their target audience.

"I had to completely immerse myself into all the aspects, starting with demand planning, financial forecasting, supply chain maintenance, cost control, and improving operational efficiency. All of this results in keeping the retail price of the cars lower so that our customers can get their dream car without breaking the bank," he stated.

In his role, he is actively helping Chery navigate the post-pandemic market by helping them identify customers of various niches and catering to their needs. "Customers are not one-dimensional beings; they have different needs, a broad spectrum of desires, and different perceptions of the same product," he elaborated.

Customers are the key to Chery's long-term profitability. So, keeping that in mind, they adopt a heavily customer-centric approach and go the extra mile to ensure accessibility. Chery models start from Tk 30 lakhs upwards, and Mahmood explained that they facilitate vital steps of the purchasing process, including auto loans with hassle-free paperwork, and the option to pre-book your preferred model and colour with a minimal booking fee.

Furthermore, they provide 5 Years/100,000 km warranty (whichever comes first) on the engine and transmission on every vehicle, as well as original manufacturer parts and accessories with warranty. That's not all. Through their dedicated service centres, customers can get 6 periodic services free of charge.

The automobile business in Bangladesh is very competitive. However, with the passing of time, certain brands are losing their edge and people have developed a preference for technology-focused vehicles. Chery has continuously worked on identifying these needs and addressing them in their models, bringing the highest spec/package models in their respective price point and ensuring that prospective customers don't miss out on any major features.

"Very few brands can match the build quality, engine efficiency, and tech features that go into our vehicles. Our goal is to differentiate ourselves in the current market and set new heights in terms of product quality, convenience, and value for money," expressed Mahmood in his concluding statements.

With the perfect mindset and the product to back it up, Chery has immense potential to establish itself as the next household name in the automobile scene of Bangladesh.

Photo: Chery Bangladesh