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Mohammad Mohasin: Championing hope in wheelchair cricket

One might associate cricket with the thrill of a highly competitive game. For many individuals, however, cricket is more than simply a game — it is a path to their lifelong passion. What if you are unable to tread that path in the conventional way? If you have the courage to never give up, you may become a champion of hope in the face of impossible challenges. So, goes the inspiring true tale of Mohammad Mohasin, captain of the Bangladesh Wheelchair Cricket team.

By the time Mohasin was six months old, polio fever had robbed him of his mobility forever. Being unable to afford a wheelchair, he either crawled or clung to his sister to go about places. As a young child, that always made him sad. 

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Mohammad Mohasin: Championing hope in wheelchair cricket

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Taking in the sights of the local children playing cricket on the nearby field was a favourite pastime of his. The cricket game intrigued him, and he felt the urge to be involved. Yet, the disappointment of being left out hindered him from joining in. "People didn't want to take a paralysed child in such a footwork heavy game," he surmised. 

Mohasin finally got a wheelchair in 1997 when he was 10 years old, and although he dreamt big with cricket in his heart for years, the realisation of that dream was not smooth sailing. He recalled those difficult years by saying, "I tried to get in touch with organisations that could aid physically disabled players in Bangladesh but discovered there were none".  

Mohasin's fortunes changed when a representative from the Indian disability games stumbled across his passion for cricket on Facebook. The representative inquired whether Bangladesh had a wheelchair cricket team, and when Mohasin replied that there was none, the representative shared his expertise in managing the Indian wheelchair cricket team and urged Mohasin to establish a team for Bangladesh. 

Mohammad Mohasin: Championing hope in wheelchair cricket

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From then on, Mohasin learned about wheelchair cricket. He eventually found the courage to reach out to other Bangladeshi cricketers and worked tirelessly to promote wheelchair cricket.

Wheelchair cricket, in essence, was similar to the general cricket games – batting, bowling, fielding, LBW, wide, and all other essential rules remained the same. The only requirement was that all players must be wheelchair users and the length of the field must be 52 feet. 

In 2010, Mohasin established the Wheelchair Cricket Welfare Association Bangladesh (WCWAB) and served as captain of the organisation's cricket team. From then on, Bangladesh Wheelchair Cricket team became unstoppable. 

"We started with only 32 players and now we have over 200. The team bonding is as beautiful as it was several years back," Mohasin remarked with pride. The team has internationally played eight tournaments, gloriously becoming champions in three. Being the second runner-up in the Asia Cup was their record highlight. 

Mohasin's highlight of his career is, however, a little different and a lot more beautiful as he expands on it with emotions lacing every word. "See, the people who are a part of the wheelchair cricket team were at some point in their lives housebound. They had dreams but were held back by society's taunts and self-depreciation. To allow those people the opportunity to embrace cricket and represent our Bangladesh is the biggest motivation and success I hold dear".

So, how can Mohasin and so many others' joy and pride become more well-known in Bangladesh? When asked this question, Mohasin expressed, "In the age of social media and sports journalism, exposure can come greatly to this game. If our country's people get to know more about our team and the challenges we conquer through these platforms, the motivation for us to work harder will rise tremendously".

Mohammad Mohasin: Championing hope in wheelchair cricket

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Indeed, support and exposure go a long way. We must know that it may be terrible to lose the use of one's legs and the freedom that comes with it. However, these people do not always wish to remain confined by the limitations imposed upon them. 

"If your children are disabled, please allow them the opportunities to learn and grow. If they want to take up a sport, research and help them achieve it. They will surely do something great to make you proud," urged Mohasin. 

Mohasin's story can resonate within the hearts of those who are constantly set back. His story can also regale you with the magnificence that comes from believing in your worth and striving for your passions. As he dreams of taking his team to the World Cup of Wheelchair Cricket, he transforms into a beacon of inspiration, igniting the fire within us to pursue our own aspirations. 

 By means of witnessing his remarkable journey from the streets of Tongi to the global spotlight, let us reach as well as help others in need reach for the limitless possibilities that lie ahead in life!