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Church calls for peace

 Joseph MadzimureElections Desk

President Mnangagwa is a visionary and spiritual leader sent in the physical realm to liberate the people of Zimbabwe from imperialists machinations, Johane the 5th of Africa International Church Archbishop Andby Makururu has said.

Addressing the media in Harare yesterday, Archbishop Makururu said President Mnangagwa deserves respect from all Zimbabweans despite one’s political affiliation.

 “I was shown the President in a vision that he is a spiritual leader sent in the physical realm to liberate the people of Zimbabwe.

“I say to the President; we are behind you as church leaders, God will be with you during your second term of office. We will pray for peace. Elections come and go, but Zimbabwe will remain the same. It is only Zimbabweans who can define our destiny,” he said.

President Mnangagwa is on record saying a country is ruled by its people, governed by its people, and prayed for by its own people, itself an earthly trinity that is reflective of the heavenly world, a philosophy which partly speaks of the unbreakable bond between state and religion.

 Archbishop Makururu prophesied that President Mnangagwa will win the harmonised elections as the country will never be led by an opposition figure.

“The Holy Spirit revealed that the elections will be held in a peaceful manner. Thank you President for uniting and uplifting churches like never before,” he said.

The church is a critical pillar for the development of a nation as it instils values of peace, respect, love and unity.

He urged opposition political parties to respect the will of the people.

Under the Second Republic, freedom of worship was guaranteed and the State would continue to support the church, which provides both the moral compass and spiritual guidance.

 For a country to progress well, he said there is need for divine spiritual guidance.

He commended the Government for recognising the role played by churches in nation-building