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Zambian Suppliers Petition Government Over TradeCorp’s Operations at Lumwana Mine

File:Workers at Lumwana mine

A consortium of Zambian suppliers in the Copperbelt and North Western Provinces has expressed their intent to petition the Government over concerns related to TradeCorp, a South African firm that supplies items to the Lumwana Mine.

Last month, Mundia Lubinda, a local contractor, addressed an open letter to President Hakainde Hichilema, urging the Government to address the issues surrounding TradeCorp’s dominance in the supply of goods to Lumwana Mine.

Following this, Sitali Mweemba, another local supplier, issued a media statement requesting the government to ensure that local entities are not sidelined from business opportunities by foreign companies at Lumwana Mine.

In a joint statement released on Monday, the consortium stated its intention to request relevant government bodies to investigate the alleged Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Barrick Lumwana and TradeCorp.

Meanwhile, Good Governance Activist Peter Mulenga, based in Copperbelt, urged the Government to take a keen interest in the complaints raised by local suppliers regarding the alleged lack of adequate business opportunities at Lumwana, Kalumbila, and Kansanshi Mines in the North Western Province.

In an interview in Ndola, Mr. Mulenga expressed his shock at the lack of response from the government to the suppliers’ concerns, which have been consistently raised over the past two months.

Below is the Communiqué issued by Consortium Secretary Kazhila Samukonga.

24TH JULY, 2023


We want to draw attention to the problems with TradeCorp, a South African firm that supplies items to the Lumwana mine. Additionally, we are requesting the relevant authorities to investigate the MOU allegedly signed between Barrick and TradeCorp.

The following are the reasons we require an investigation:

1.Why has TradeCorp been given preferential treatment in all supply contracts over our local suppliers?

2.Why is TradeCorp allowed to submit numerous quotations on a tender while local suppliers cannot?

3.Why is TradeCorp allowed to submit quotes out of time, while Lumwana must wait until they quote before adjudicating?

4.What is the role of a lady named Suzet who resides in Lumwana, South Africa? We ask because every time there is a multimillion-dollar inquiry, she personally intervenes to ensure TradeCorp receives the order.

5.Is TradeCorp a Zambian company? If not, under what conditions are their employees allowed to work in Lumwana, and who awarded them work permits?

6.Why are TradeCorp employees seated at the commercial office at Lumwana, and who awarded them work permits?

7.We want to know the relationship between Kalonga Logistics and TradeCorp, as well as whether the listed Directors are actively serving Lumwana workers.

8.Why are all large contracts awarded to TradeCorp?

10.Does Lumwana adhere to the Local Content Act?

These and other concerns must be addressed promptly, or there will be nothing left for Zambian suppliers under your watch.

Communiqué issued by Consortium Secretary Kazhila Samukonga