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UTH Launches Investigation into Locking of Man in Mortuary

University Teaching Hospital

The management of the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) has initiated a thorough investigation into a disturbing incident where a man from Lusaka was allegedly locked inside the hospital’s mortuary. The shocking incident transpired on September 21st, 2023, at approximately 01:00 hrs when the victim, identified as Chanda Musonda, was reportedly confined to the mortuary for causing commotion within one of the hospital’s wards.

Musonda, who was attending to his ailing wife in Ward G22, found himself in this harrowing situation after hospital staff called upon security personnel to handle the commotion. What followed was a sequence of events that left Musonda traumatized and deeply disturbed.

According to Musonda’s account, security personnel forcibly removed him from the ward and then proceeded to lock him inside the mortuary, subsequently extinguishing the lights. The victim described the experience as inhumane and distressing, raising concerns about the treatment of patients and visitors within the hospital premises.

In response to these alarming allegations, UTH’s Public Relations Officer, Natalie Mashikolo, emphasized that the mortuary is designated as a secure area with restricted access. She underscored that any unauthorized intrusion into this facility not only compromises its integrity but also tarnishes the reputation of the institution.

Mashikolo went on to assure the public that the hospital management takes this matter extremely seriously and will not tolerate such misconduct within their premises. She stated that the management is fully committed to conducting a comprehensive investigation into the incident. Those found to be responsible for this incident will face appropriate disciplinary measures.

The incident has sparked widespread concern and calls for accountability from various quarters, including human rights advocates and civil society organizations.