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Nakacinda’s Arrest and President HH Blatant Hypocrisy

By Kapya Kaoma

Nakacinda’s arrest following his statement that “ubututu” (ignorance) is behind President Hakainde’s chaotic governance and politically motivated arrests is another example of despotic, appalling and the blatant hypocrisy of the New Dark administration. Aside from violating the freedom of expression that Zambians have enjoyed since 1991, the arrest is beyond human decency and only aimed at intimidating the opposition from standing up to HH. As a democratic nation, we must not watch as our freedoms are being taken away by the most insecure and narcissistic President. Our democracy is dying before our own eyes; it is time to say enough with this insanity!

Since when did saying ubututu (ignorant) become a crime? How many times did HH insult, and call Presidents Mwanawasa, Sata, Banda, and Lungu negative names? Who called Sata “Chimbwi has no Plan?” Who called Lungu “a clueless hyena?”

The heartless hypocrisy of HH is below the pale. If anything it says much about his immaturity. It was not long ago Chilufya Tayali was arrested. Didn’t HH claim to receive daily Intelligence briefings “before” President Lungu did in 2015? So why is it a crime when Chilufya Tayali says, “even soldiers are complaining”? If the Human Rights Commission has any iota of integrity, shouldn’t it be opposing such hypocritical arrests? Moreover, what does it mean when the President says, “Nakacinda must pay for his Crime?” unless he is directing such arrests? Despite what his worshipers believe, HH does not have a human heart. If he did, he wouldn’t be arresting people for the very things he said, and did when in opposition. He cannot continue praising his actions in opposition while arresting his opponents for saying the same things he said to other heads of government.

Nakachinda’s “tribal” generalization of President Hichilema’s “ubututu” is embarrassingly wrong. But there is something to say about HH narcissism. He only thinks about himself and himself alone. So how he became a billionaire by exploiting Zambians is only ethical to him and him alone. Once it is transferred to another person, it becomes a crime. This is his modus operandi or simply the HH doctrine. An insult becomes one when used by another person on him, but not by HH on others–remember “” So it is for this reason that HH is going after everyone but himself. HH wants his name on everything for himself–thus he will do everything in his power to destroy his competitors. So if you want to be like him, too bad. You will never ever find a generous hyena.

Nakacinda’s argument is simple; if HH made billions at the time when the Zambian economy was at its worst, what makes him believe the PF politicians stole from Zambians? What Nakacinda does not understand is that it takes a thief to catch a thief. HH is the most experienced white collar thief in Zambian history; he knows how to steal from poor Zambians and has done so for over three decades. What Nakacinda fails to understand is that HH’s opportunities came when white collar thieves were not at the helm of power. So HH got away with it. PF officials can’t get away with it because HH knows all the tricks. Opportunism exists, but only under the HH doctrine. Otherwise his dogs will bite at will.

But the nightmare of political madness awaits. In darkness the Chibwi is too insane to tell the coming dawn. In Zambia, today’s President is tomorrow’s criminal. HH may boast at his Praise Conference, but there is no statute limitation on corruption and human rights abuses. One day, he will watch the very people he is now busy arresting chase his wild dogs around as Zambians insult him. If he thinks Nakacinda’s insults are bad, more are coming; ask Lungu. Zambians are like sex workers, one day the switch of power will be turned off. Ultimately, Unless he is fortunate enough to die in power, his name will be associated with shame. Just as he was locked up by his predecessors, his opponents will boast and sell their jackets they wore in prison with pride. We had KK, Chiluba, Banda, and now Lungu–they came in as saints but left as devils. The only saints are those who died in power. Even then, HH insulted them too.

I await the day.