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I was not bothered by tribal allegations when I was joining UPND

Republican Vice President Mutale Nalumango has described as rubbish discussions that border on the tribe. Mrs Nalumango said she detests tribal sentiments that are perpetuated by some people.

Featuring on the first edition of the revived Frank Talk Show on ZNBC TV on Thursday night, Mrs Nalumango said she was not bothered by tribal allegations against the United Party for National Development (UPND) at the time she was joining the ruling party from MMD.

The former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly joined UPND after the 2011 General Election which her party at the time lost to the Patriotic Front.

Mrs. Nalumango revealed that the UPND constitution and manifesto attracted her to join the party even if it was labeled tribal.

“I don’t listen to such (tribal sentiment). Sorry if I use your platform to use one-word rubbish. I don’t believe in tribalism. If you have justice on your mind you don’t look at people through the eyes of a tribe and you know ukususha ilungu kwendamo. If they were those allegations (tribal allegations) I go in and see and because they (UPND) had a beautiful manifesto and a beautiful constitution. I will say this; my colleagues from UPND may not agree there was little difference between UPND and MMD and therefore I was home. You don’t hear me calling MMD names. And I sit there and my colleagues are seeing what they saw in MMD which I was part of,” said the retired teacher.

Mrs. Nalumango said there were similarities between UPND and MMD at the time she was making up her mind to join UPND.

“Sometimes I say can you make comparisons, particularly with the outgoing (PF). I remember one time saying now you see how PF are ruling? What are you still saying about us as MMD? And one man, who is now late in our office, said huh it’s like comparing apples to lemons because they had come to realise that MMD was not that bad. So I did not move from MMD. I can’t lie again to the people because MMD was so bad. No, I moved because they were failing. Leadership was falling to come together and galvanize the support that we needed and that is why I saw hope in the UPND,” she said.

Mrs. Nalumango served as UPND National Chairperson before she was chosen as President Hakainde Hichilema’s running mate in the run up to the 2021 General Elections.

“When I was picked number one as Vice President for the party, I made a statement that I was not prepared. I didn’t know that day that would happen but just because it is in me I don’t see positions for benefit. I see a position for responsibility. It leaves me nervous and people must know that I get very nervous because I want to perform and when I think I may fail it is terrible I need encouragement. So for me I see responsibility and immediately I am appointed. I am saying Lord huh why will I do it? What will I do? I was literally shaking,” she said.