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GBM Accuses ACC DG and Officers of Contempt, Seeks Legal Action

In a significant development, former Minister of Defence, Hon. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, has filed an application with the Lusaka Magistrate Court, requesting that the Director General of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and several officers be held in contempt of court and subsequently imprisoned.

The contempt charges stem from a letter presented by Hon. Mwamba during the court proceedings as part of his defense. However, the ACC responded by issuing summons and a “Warn and Caution” statement against him and his legal team.

Hon. Mwamba contends that the actions of the ACC were disrespectful to the court, the presiding magistrate, and constituted harassment against him and his lawyers.

In his submission to the court, GBM produced a letter as evidence, duly acknowledged by the Ministry of Defence. The letter demonstrated that, during his tenure as Minister, he had declared his interest in the event that his companies engaged in commercial activities with the government.

Surprisingly, instead of acknowledging the evidence presented, the ACC summoned Hon. Mwamba and accused him of presenting forged documents to the court.

Consequently, Hon. Mwamba has urged the court to find the ACC Director General, Tom Trevor Shamakamba, and the following officers – Raymond Chibola, Chipasha Clement, Lute Shawa, Bright Mabuka, and Shampwili Kelvin – in contempt of court.

Speaking on behalf of Hon. Mwamba, his legal counsel emphasized the gravity of the matter, stating, “The actions of the ACC, particularly the DG and his officers, have not only undermined the integrity of the court proceedings but have also infringed upon the rights of our client. This is an abuse of power and a clear attempt to derail justice.”

The defense team further highlighted that the accusations made by the ACC were unsubstantiated and lacked any basis in fact. They assert that the summons and the “Warn and Caution” statement were issued without proper investigation or evidence.

“We have complete confidence in the court’s ability to see through this ploy and administer justice impartially,” added the legal representative.

The court is now tasked with carefully reviewing the submissions and evidence provided by Hon. Mwamba before making a determination on whether contempt charges are warranted against the ACC DG and the mentioned officers.

In the face of these serious allegations, the Anti-Corruption Commission has not yet issued an official response. However, stakeholders and the public eagerly await their comments and an update on the matter.

This legal battle between Hon. Mwamba and the ACC highlights the importance of transparency, accountability, and fair play in the fight against corruption. The outcome of this case will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for the country’s anti-corruption efforts.