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Fight against corruption that does not lead to convictions is mockery to the people of Zambia

By Pilato

The fight against corruption that does not lead to convictions is nothing but a mockery to the people of Zambia. The anti-corruption commission should sober up and take responsibility. We will not blame the suspects, we will not blame the judiciary and we will not blame ourselves. The ACC in its current form can easily be described as practical jokers not deserving our respect.

A professional entity cannot operate on social media drama and rumours the way ACC is doing. We remember how they called for a media briefing and announced that a certain ward councillor had bought a commercial bank for K300million. They abused our trust. We believed them and got excited that they had caught this thief. My uncle ba MWEWA Chitambala believed them and went running with the story and he was sued by one ward councillor ONLY for ACC to come back without shame to say they had the wrong information. Why should we trust them again?

Mr. Chitotela didn’t force anyone at ACC to sign any document, they entered into an agreement willingly and knowingly based on what? Why do they want to appear to be fighting corruption now by arresting and harassing the same person they sat down with and entered into an agreement with? Do they think that we are stupid? If you signed a deal with Mr Chitotela in 2019, what were the facts that influenced your commission to do so? Why are you arresting him now for the same suspicions? Yes, the fight against corruption is one that needs everyone’s support, but what did uncle Simon MWEWA get for believing and supporting the ACC? We can’t expect the judges to provide the facts just to convict Mr Chitotela, it is you ba ACC to do so and when you fail to provide facts, then what is your job?

The anti-corruption commission in Zambia is letting us the people down. Our confidence levels are at the lowest. Mr. Chitotela may not be our favorite guy but it is clear that ACC did wash him clean therefore instead of wasting our time, resources and attention, leave the man alone. You destroyed the case yourselves. We know most of our judges are corrupt and highly compromised but on this issue, they are not to blame.

The same can be said about the Kabushi guy. Who is the ACC legal advisor? Which constitution are they using to effect these Asset seizures? Are they doing so deliberately to frustrate the fight against corruption?

If you have no capacity to investigate thoroughly declare that publicly instead of wasting our time and resources. My appeal to the incoming ACC chairperson and Director-General is to start by investigating these incompetences by ACC itself.

My brother Munir Zulu did make serious allegations against ACC officials, we didn’t believe him but now we are beginning to believe that the ACC officials are highly and dangerously compromised. The new Chairperson SC Musa Mwenye and Mr Gilbert Phiri please we need to know who is frustrating this fight against corruption.

For now ACC should just close as we wait for parliament to ratify the new Director and Chairperson. ACC is not an entertainment organization so they should stop competing with Shi Mumbi and do the actual work for once.