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Divorced Husband to be paid maintenance allowance by his former Wife till he finds a Job

Solwezi magistrate’s court has directed a Zambia National Service (ZNS) female staff sergeant to pay his husband K2,400 as maintenance following the dissolution of marriage.

Principal Presiding Magistrate Greenwell Ndumba took this action when he dissolved the marriage between Mary Mutanda, 30 and Vincent Gasto, 35.

This follows Mary Mutanda‘s request to the court to grant them divorce.

Granting the divorce, Magistrate Ndumba, ordered Mary to pay Vincent the K2,400 in instalments of K200 per month for a year.

He explained that it was through the marriage, that Gasto had lived as a dependent on his wife hence the need for her to maintain him before he finds a job.

Magistrate Ndumba has cautioned young ladies not to rush into marriage to avoid getting into problematic marriages, saying young ladies must always take time to study the conduct and lifestyle of their would-be husbands before marriage.

Meanwhile, A 20 year old housewife in Zimba Town, Southern Province, has asked with the Zimba Urban Local Court to dissolve her marriage of four years because her husband is allegedly not only abusive but unemployed.

Olinence Siazemo has sued her husband for divorce alleging that he is abusive especially when drunk and fails to support the family.

Appearing before Zimba Urban Local Court Justice Jeff Makunga was Aggrippa Siwale, unemployed security guard, sued for divorce.

The duo married in 2018 and have 30 months old baby girl.

Siazemo submitted that that she is tired of living with a man who always beats her and fails to support the family.

She narrated that problems started in their home barely a year after marrying saying he often beats her for unexplained reasons.

“I am fed up with this man. I plead with the court to grant me divorce as my spouse is very abusive and he beats me up especially when he is drunk.

“ He even fails to support his child as a result of joblessness ,” Siazemo said.

But Aggrippa Siwale, aged 27 told the court that his wife allegedly has a boyfriend whom he accused of creating trouble in their matrimonial home.

The former Security Guard in Livingstone said it was unfortunate that his wife was asking the court to divorce him because he was unemployed.

“My wife has opted for a boyfriend who works and she has rejected me on account of having a job,” Siwale painfully said.

Zimba Urban Local Court Justice Jeff Makunga granted the couple divorce but with no compensation.

Mr. Makunga however, told the coupe to share household property and ordered Siwale to support his child monthly.

In the same court, a 26-year old man of Ngwenya Compound in Livingstone has been ordered to pay K11,200 for elopement.

Clement Sianezuna allegedly eloped with Hackson Munyangala’s named daughter in 2020 without paying dowry.

The plaintiff, Hackson Munyangala aged 74, demanded four cattle worth K11,200 from the defendant for eloping his daughter.

The court heard that the couple got married in 2019 and they live in Livingstone but nothing so far was paid to the parents to-date.

Zimba Urban Local Court Justice Jeff Makunga ordered Clement Sianezuna to start paying the plaintiff K350 for eloping with his daughter until he settles the whole amount of K11,200.