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Zambia is set to benefit 2.5 billion pounds from the United Kingdom.

According to a statement issued by Lead Jonathan Siame at the British High Commission in Lusaka, the funds to be generated from the British private sector are to be invested in Zambia’s mining sector.

The UK will also inject five hundred million pounds government backed investments.

Additionally, the UK will mobilise one hundred and fifty million pounds that will be invested into small to medium sized enterprises.

Mr Siame said UK and Zambia firms are expected to benefit from the commercial opportunities and contribute to the growth of both economies.

“Supporting the Foreign Secretary’s drive to prioritize future-focused, mutually beneficial partnerships on his visit to Africa this week, these new targets include generating up to £2.5 billion of British private sector investment in Zambia’s mining, minerals and renewable energy sectors, delivering up to £500 million of UK Government-backed investments and mobilising up to £150 million of private sector investment into small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs),” said Mr Siame.