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The words we speak are electromagnetic forces that usually reflect our inner attitude. They contain the power of death and life, and ultimately influence the world around us. We must always think about the influence of our words before we say them. As responsible citizens we must intensify our awareness of the input we have on other people’s lives. One person can change the course of another person’s life with words. Individual dreams and visions have been aborted because of words of death spoken over them. Homes and marriages have been destroyed because of poisonous words. Companies and businesses have fallen because of words of envy and jealousy. People have lost their jobs because of lying words said about them. We should always be conscious of the life-changing power of our words.


We must use wisdom when we speak, by checking our motives, attitudes and choice of words. We must divorce negative patterns of thinking and bring life to others with our words. One of the best ways we can use words to influence others is to practice telling the truth. We are living in a world where too often people try to influence others with manipulation, false flattery, deception and spin doctoring. The truth creates trust, which in turn generates positive influence. The other way we can put our words to good use is to choose words that build rather than words that tear down people and society.


When we make a choice of speaking well of others, in spite of their shortcomings, then we will have a healthy and far reaching positive influence. If we spread malicious gossip, we are poisoning our own future and sabotaging our own influence with others. Each and every day our actions and our words impact on those around us. One of the best ways we can influence each other is by inspiring, motivating and encouraging each other by what we say. A story is told about how Sugar Ray Robinson changed the course of one girl’s life, Flo-Jo. When narrating her life story Flo-Jo said: “Sugar Ray looked at me in the eye and told me, ‘It doesn’t matter where you come from, what the colour of your skin is, or what odds are against you. All that matters is that you have a dream, and you commit yourself to that dream’. Do that and it will happen.” She continued and said: “Right then and there, I was sold out. I was just eight years old, but I was fired up about what my future could be.”

With words, Robinson, one of the outstanding boxing champions, inspired a great change in one girl’s life. Words are powerful, they can inspire those around us to greatness. They can bring hope to the hopeless, courage to the discouraged, comfort and healing to the oppressed. We must speak life to our husbands, wives, children, fathers, mothers, communities and nation. “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace to the hearers,” Ephesians 4: 29. By our words we can build the nation and by our words we can destroy it.