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PIGG’SPEAK – It appears a hot iron is now becoming a tool for thugs.

In a gruesome incident that reportedly happened in the outskirts of Pigg’s Peak at Nginamadvolo, a woman was allegedly robbed of an undisclosed amount of  cash, by robbers who terrorised her when her businessman husband was not at home. The   incident according to police reports happened about a month ago when the robbers forced entry into the homestead. According to information gathered, it is alleged that the robbers were aware that the husband was not at home and saw it as an easy target for a robbery, as the wife was alone.

This is said to be a similar modus operandi used, by robbers who break into homesteads. House break-ins have  recently increased around Eswatini, though it has not yet been established if it was the same gang of thieves or there were also some copycats. It is alleged that when the gang gained unpermitted access at  *Grace’s home, they allegedly demanded cash and despite her pleas not to be harmed, they allegedly assaulted her with kicks and fists. The robbers are said to have demanded that she give them bank cards so they could withdraw cash from the automated teller machine (ATM).

The intruders appeared to have known that the husband was a business owner, as they allegedly indicated that they were aware he had cash kept in the house. As if the physical assault was not enough, it is alleged that one of the men then got an iron from the house, plugged it in and turned it on to the highest heat setting before pressing it against her bare back, burning her skin in the process. After this torture, they took the bank cards and used her vehicle to drive to  one the banks atm to withdraw some money.

At some point, it is alleged that the men warned that if she did not comply, they would get a piece of  iron wire, heat it up and then pass it through her mouth to  the back of her throat. It was gathered that the police had made a breakthrough in the matter. This publication gathered that two men had been arrested in connection with the alleged robbery, but they are yet to appear at the Pigg’s Peak Magistrate Court for this case. It is also alleged that they are residents of the area in which they allegedly committed the robbery.

The Chief Police Information and Communications Officer Superintendent Phindile Vilakati, confirmed that two suspects were held for the alleged crimes. She did not mention the names of the men but only referred to them as suspects.Noteworthy, the use of an iron to induce pain before robbing people is said to have become a common occurrence according to police reports. A woman around Ndzingeni is also said to have been burnt with an iron while being robbed of cash. This is not to say that the crimes were committed by the same people.

A businessman in the Mbabane area is also said to have been robbed of cash, allegedly by robbers who used an iron to induce pain. It is alleged that the robbers also kidnapped the man and forced him to withdraw money from an ATM. Other similar robberies that happened include that of alleged robbers who pounced on a bank manager’s home around Ezulwini. It is alleged the men scaled a fence and forced their way into the house after knocking and pretending to be police officers. Upon entering the house, they allegedly tortured the people in the house and assaulted a minor child by kicking him for crying. The men then allegedly stole one of the vehicles and drove to an ATM to withdraw money. They allegedly stole about E1 800 from the bank manager, as well as valuable items including iPhones.


In a separate incident, it was also gathered that another businessman’s wife was also targeted. The woman and her husband are said to own property at Buhleni and it is allegedly that thugs demanded as much as E1 million from the woman. It is alleged that just like they did with Grace of Nginamdvolo, the men targeted the Buhleni businessman’s wife when they had made sure that her husband was not home. It could not yet be established if they were the same people. However, the incidences appear similar, as the men are also said to have demanded to withdraw money from her bank account. It is also alleged that the woman was kidnapped and loaded into a boot and driven off with.

Meanwhile, the police this week, after a thorough investigation arrested two suspects who are accused of having committed strings of robberies in different parts of the country, including Pigg’s Peak. Boy Boy Mayibongwe Mlotsa and Siyabonga ‘Ganja’Mapanza of Nginamadvolo and Nsangwini respectively were arrested for similar offences. The duep were slapped with 14 counts of robberies of items and cash to the value of E1.4 million.
Among the crimes that they are accused of committing was also theft of guns and a vehicle belonging to the Pigg’s Peak Mayor Absalom Ndlovu. However they are also alleged to have committed a string of robberies in different parts of the country.
* Not real names.