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“For achieving good governance political will is necessary. Good governance is a political process. Though role of civil society is critical, without political will and political process, sustainable good governance cannot be achieved" - Narendra Modi.

As a nation, it is very important to think about where we are headed; decide about where we want to go to, and, finally, make up our minds about what we want our destiny to be. We need to ask ourselves searching and crucial questions like: What are the present and long-term effects of the obtaining political uncertainty currently engulfing our kingdom? What implications does the current political instability in our country has on the socio-economic lives of our people and country as a whole? In terms of economic growth, are there any potential, disastrous, long-term effects the political instability might have on the economic progress, and, prosperity of the kingdom? These are some of the crucial questions visionary leaders should be candidly posing to themselves. It would be fatal to arrogantly brag to one another about how civil authority had been ‘able to restore calm and peace’ in the country, while being oblivious of the long-term effects the current uncertainty might have in the long-term, both politically and socio-economically.


Lest we forget, history is testimony to the glaring fact that use of force to achieve peace and calm, without dialogue, does not guarantee lasting political stability. In as much as there appears to be a somewhat visible or tangible return to political calm, can we honestly afford to toast each other, pat each other on the back thinking that everything is now back to normal, and that we will from now onwards smoothly progress, and, develop as a nation in spite of the forebodingpolitical atmosphere? An intriguing question keeps on nagging me about what long-term effects does political instability has on citizens of countries who are engaged in deadly, political conflict, especiall internally. It is important that we understand, recognise, and, appreciate the fact that what we went through, and, are still insidiously going through as a nation ever since the political instability began, has immensely affected many of us, emotionally.
Emotional health is very crucial.

People have previously taken their lives due to stress, and frustration, opting to take the easy way out in many instances, as a result of their unhappy, emotional state. Some had even had their productive ability affected by emotional or mental state. Without any shadow of doubt, we are neither a happy or content nation. A lot contributes to this. There are numerous areas, especially those that have to do with good governance which causes our people to be an unhappy nation. Health - An emotionally healthy population enjoys a more effective economic and political life. People need emotional well-being in order to be productive; participating in politics when people’s state of emotion is healthy and positive goes a long way in advancing and achieving political stability. Citizens’ political contentment is a major contributor to a robust, political environment. People need to freely exercise their right to participate in the governance of their own country and be free from harassment or intimidation.

Political instability in the country, which reached its deadly climax during the June 29, 2021 unrest, has caused some of us to be emotionally drained or compromised. Our former healthy emotional being has taken a very serious knocking because of political uncertainty. We live in perpetual fear of the unknown. It has become a very dangerous undertaking to openly criticise any perceived wrongdoings committed by the ruling regime. Exercising personal, or civic human rights has progressively become a very risky venture in the country. The potentate behaviour of our government, which largely manifests itself through the brutality of its security apparatus - ever since it appeared to regain the upper hand after the recent, deadly and tumultuous political situation - is presenting a constant invisible threat to anyone who dares to challenge its authority. Such is wreaking emotional havoc on many who wish to exercise numerous rights such as freedom of expression, assembly, association, and etcetera.

If one dares to openly criticise the authority of government, there is a huge risk of one becoming a target of surveillance, harassment, intimidation, incarceration or at worst, and sadly, like we’ve learnt in the past few days, be denied employment opportunities. Literacy - this is one other major barrier to some people’s effective participation, and, contributing to the political and socioe-conomic life of the country. Without widespread education, illiterate or semi-illiterate citizens of a country are more easily manipulated by governments who arbitrarily impose unjust laws on the people. Some of us are deeply worried about the deteriorating standards of education in the country. Rising costs of schools fees in numerous schools around the country are affecting the quality of education, with many children dropping out of school due to being turned away as a result of owing or not paying fees.


Tertiary institution students are more often than not, being denied a smooth learning process due to bureaucratic and administrative bungling. The intermittent opening and closing of institutions of higher learning due to administrative issues is hugely affecting students’ learning process. What kind of implications does the current political instability in our country has on the socio-economic status of our people and country? It is of vital importance for us as a country to induce consistent development in all sectors. We need to fix our political stability in order to realise a stable and progressive economic growth. Growing discontent in the manner we are governed - poor service delivery, corruption, nepotism, greed, security forces brutally, unemployment scarce business opportunities, etc.,  has hugely affected our economic growth in the country. From the look of things, our government is more obsessed with aggressively stamping its authority on citizens, rather than being concerned about the political, social and economic happiness of the people. As much as the security and rule of law in the country are important, it is vital that these are implemented in a manner that does not appear autocratic.


I might be wrong, but it seems that the present government, instead of constitutionally and morally dealing with political problems which have a direct impact on economic growth as per established methods and laws (constitutionally), is trying to resolve complex issues using unconventional ways. Opting to use Rambo tactics to instill respect, and, loyalty from citizens of any country toppled many Tsarist governments in the past. Great empires fell because of use of imperious and totalitarian methods of governance. People who participate willingly and happily in the governance of their own country, contribute immensely to its economic development. Sadly (and seemingly), rules of engagement are not followed inasfar as the present government is concerned. It is counterproductive if some people, instead of helping to develop the country, would do all within their powers to sabotage any of our government’s efforts of developing our economy.

We constantly witness a battle of egos, which is doing more harm than good to the country’s development, political unity, citizens’ emotional and physical well-being, and the general contentment of the populace. Our political system seems to be the driving force behind all the failures and decline of our political, and, socio-economic lives which for one reason or another, are always in a state of instability and uncertainty. There is too much animosity between our politicians and the people. Stubbornness and arrogance, which seem to be the DNA of our politicians, breed incompetence and hatred. The quest for personal enrichment at times supersedes national interest. As a result of some of these negative attitudes, our country has not been able to achieve the expected development, and prosperity, neither have we been able to bring political and economic stability to the country.

What is the way forward? Very simple, provided we humble ourselves, commit to political will. As I see it:
* Let us fix our political problems as a matter of urgency. This is a crucial area where the forward - not, backward - progress of our country hinges on. Our government needs to allow the free practice of freedom of expression which of course is not ABSOLUTE, and, should not be abused, for instance to insult the country’s ruling authorities or anyone with divergent views.
* Allow people to freely assemble and, associate. It is moral, and a constitutional obligation for government to allow people to peacefully protest against political, and, or socio-economic issues which affect their welfare. Our people need to be given a free reign to constructively criticise injustices perpetrated by anyone, irrespective of status and  without fear or favour.
* Government needs to prioritise the health and education of the people. Fix the perennial shortage of drugs in hospitals. A healthy nation is a productive nation.
* Resuscitate the deteriorating standard of education. Let us stop the bickering and the delay over tertiary students’ allowances. Such breeds discontent - and, inevitably, militancy, and, radicalism from students. Regulate schools fees. Provide food in schools timeously. Pupils cannot learn on empty stomachs.
* Allow the independence - not abuse, or suppression - of the three arms of government.
* Stop the politicising of the security forces. They must stick to their constitutional mandate of protecting citizens - not harassing, beating them to a pulp for no apparent reason. Or, as alleged by some quarters, stop the use of extra judicial methods to strike fear in the citizens.
* Finally, the country, just like neighbouring countries and,those in the global community, needs to allow a robust opposition in the form of political parties. Such would present the much needed, oversight and watchdog environment over the actions of government. Governments are not, and, can never be perfect. Hence the need for oversight watchdog entities.

Lest I forget - and, this is important - we urgently need, without fail, a FREE PRESS, fondly known as the Fourth Estate, which acts as a mechanism for the prevention, and investigation of allegations of violations or malpractice.  This watchdog role extends from accountability of officials and their actions while ‘in office’ to entire processes.... Simple, isn’t it? My plea: Let us please, save this country from self-inflicted destruction. Let us all work together towards achieving a peaceful - not violent - resolution to our problems. Let us build harmonious relationships across all sectors of our society. Let us unite in tolerance for divergent views. Hatred destroys, even kills. It creates enmity. Peace! Shalom!