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Eswatini is comprised of inhabitants who lack nothing but honesty and being proactive. This makes their allegiance questionable. There is no use perambulating in the outskirts of veracity about the modus operandi utilised by our prospective politicians during election campaigns. The people of Eswatini are holding onto loose ropes of hope and are keeping their fingers crossed that things will be better than before. The time for proactive governance is now. Everyone in government’s hierarchy has been inaugurated and assigned to their offices. All talk of good governance, economic resuscitation promises and uprooting corruption in higher offices must materialise; otherwise the epoch of false promises will continue to haunt the nation. As always, the public will keep records of the promises made by the incumbents. We just have to maximise our resourceful capacities and work towards radical and meaningful development. We are constantly being disappointed by underperforming ministries.

There is a prevalence of improper protocols and defying gazetted national procurement procedure is a norm. Politicians constantly fail us as a nation, as they are serving their personal interests and certain individuals. This they do while disgracefully serving the nation under oath. Under achievements in diverse fields of the economy and poor social responsibility as well as poor service delivery continuously linger on. Not forgetting to mention that the Health Ministry has become the black sheep of the land. Public hospitals are dilapidated to unimaginably low standards. The level of healthcare is not being improved but it is just being neglected. The livelihood and future of people is dependent on the success of the health system of the land. We have accepted that, as a people, those bestowed with the highest decisions will continue to relish partially serving us with undemocratic choices while it lasts.

A practical advice to aspiring politicians and the current leadership pertaining to the preservation of a state of calm and tranquility among the already restless workforce, and the entire Eswatini nation, rests with improving service delivery, shortening the pay differences between political leaders and workers on the ground. That includes radical measures of either increasing workers’ salaries as per their demands or reducing politicians’ salaries to reduce the already high differences between the poor and the rich. At the moment it looks like government’s respective departments are not properly coordinated, they are not in unison.