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Being in public office is not a position of power to create a pipeline of wealth for one’s family and his/her children’s children alone, but one that comes with great responsibility to all emaSwati. It is a position that requires a visionary and exceptional person who will see every liSwati getting a piece of the economic pie for generations to come. When a public officer forgets, corruption will thrive and the economy will be in the gutter.


Nowadays government jobs simply mean meeting about meetings, processing forms, approving or declining business and general public requests, being important, among many other useless routines that can be automated. As a result, we need to trim all the deadweight, automate government processes and services, and leave a lean government that will perhaps cost less to have. We are tired of people getting paid to do nothing, so that at the end of the year they can demand more pay and benefits. In the private sector, when a person does not do the job, they get fired and that should be the case with the public sector. If people were fired from public service for their incompetence, service delivery would not be on its knees in the kingdom.


Enough with the transfers that keep rotating useless officers from one department to another. And another thing, there is a lot of duplication of work within government, yet it still takes ages to get anything done. Meanwhile, we are exhausted by all the tax we have to pay. It costs money even to get out of the house now. The economy cannot get anywhere if people do not have money in their pockets, if the little bit of money they make government finds ways to take it so it can pay for its out of control expenditures, and paying incompetent staff members, who think they are doing emaSwati a favour.


EmaSwati have suffered and the situation in the country needs to change otherwise we will never see an end to poor service delivery. The country is in ruin because of poor leadership and the people the system has kept over the years without allowing new and fresh minds to shake the way government does its business. We need to try new ways of growing the economy and take all the economic and social policies that have collected dust in the different ministries with a grain of salt.