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What better mother is out there than mother earth – she that caters and cares for all her offspring. This is surely the mother of mothers in this universe. Her children are diverse and come in all shapes and sizes, but she is no respecter of person, she knows no favourites, and she does not discriminate. One wonders how and where her children learned their discriminative mindset. All that man ever dreams of in substance, divine mother earth has already provided either in fullness or elementarily. Hugh Nibley, in his masterpiece literature, ‘Temple and Cosmos,’ observed: “From the first, God prepared the earth with an eye to making it ‘most glorious and beautiful’ for us, with special care to giving ‘variety and beauty to the scene.”


Joseph Smith says; “all things which come of the earth are made for the benefit and use of man, both to please the eye and to gladden the heart; yea, for food and for raiment, for taste and for smell, to strengthen the body and to enliven the soul.” Certainly, earth has opened her precious minerals and other beauties to all her children; for she knows no greed, but freely gives to all her offspring. But it is unfortunate that through man’s greed and selfishness, individuals and governments have built high walls, placed armed forces and drenched the earth with blood in an attempt to keep the divine mother’s resources and precious minerals to a selected few, leaving the rest of earth’s children impoverished and deprived of their mother’s inheritance.  


At the sacred kissing of the divine mother and intimacy with father sun, life is produced and perpetuated on the bosom of our mother. Such sacred procreation is like no other within the visible universe. Mother Earth is responsible for the production of human bodies to house the eternal spirit children of God. These bodies temporarily return to the bosom of earth until the resurrection where sacred mother shall give them back to their spirits, immortalised through divine providence. Just like her children, sacred mother was born or curved out of eternal elements by the greatest artist in the universe and destined to be a habitat for the human race, vegetation and animal kingdom. With her natural tendencies, she has become a perfect life coach, if only we can give her an ear and listen to her tutorials. But like children who belittle and despise their parent’s wise counsel, we are despising our divine mother’s counsel regardless of her richness of wisdom as our parent.

Also, like unthankful children, instead of working collaboratively and beautifying mother earth, we, driven by profits, are aggressive and are damaging the very mother that gives us mortal life and sustainability. These days we are turning away from the freedom our divine mother has given us through the health of natural food and medicinal plants and are in pursuit of corrupting processed foodstuffs and laboratory medicine – unnatural and some of which are unfit for our natural bodies.


Divine Mother, we (by way of our bodies) belong to you, you belong to us. In fact, we belong together, and never shall death do us part. In life we are together, in death we are a good deal; for my body is earth, and unto earth shall it return. The divine mother is what we all have in common, so let’s love her back and perceive her divinity. Let us strive to make her more beautiful.