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Many of us aspire to get married without taking time to understand what it really entails to get married. Out of excitement or loneliness we seek who to marry. Marriage is so powerful that it can positively or negatively alter the rest of your life. So be wise before you say ‘I do’. When seeking a marriage partner we must be wise because we are going to spend the rest of our lives with that person. Just because you love this person does not mean you should overlook certain things about them. If you do, you will regret it. Before you marry anybody, ask God for wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to see into the true nature of things.


To fall and stay in love you will need more than love; you will need to be wise because wisdom is your defence and protection. Wisdom is also the ability to rightly apply knowledge in order to produce right results. You must understand that if you are not happy as a single person, marriage is not the key to happiness and fulfilment but God is. His plans and destiny for your life are greater than marriage. Due to the fact that whosoever you marry has the potential to enhance or hinder your destiny, it is imperative that you be careful when choosing. Preparation is key to a successful marriage life. We must be morally, emotionally, physically, financially and mentally ready. This means that we must be disciplined in all these areas of our lives before marriage. Wisdom demands that we make deliberate efforts to use all available resources at our disposal to prepare for marriage.


Know who you are and where you are going in life, and avoid disastrous connections. Avoid emotionally unhealthy people who are incapable of long-term, unselfish committed relationships. Avoid people who are incapable of learning the art of healthy communication. Avoid people who are incapable of dealing with problems, conflicts and differences. Be careful of people who embrace bad habits and are not willing to change. Be the right person so that you can get the right partner. Learn how to quickly end a relationship that is going nowhere in order to avoid hopes and false expectations. False expectations usually create emotional bonding to a certain extent, which may cause unnecessary pain when the relationship is finally broken. The more you prolong a wrong and unworkable relationship, the more difficult it will be for you to break it.


You might marry someone you know you should not have married in the first place. It is actually a waste of precious time to keep a relationship you know is not working. If you get yoked to someone who is incompatible with your purpose in life, it will limit the speed you move in life. It may also abort, delay or stifle certain capacities in you. However, even when you find the right partner, you still have to work on the laws and principles that govern a healthy marriage relationship in order to maximise the benefits of marriage.