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A few years ago I had a chat with a dear friend of mine and our discussion included subjects such as sports, current affairs and matters of the spirit. We also talked about what was written in God’s word, pertaining to what was going to happen to generations of the last days. This was in comparison with what was already happening globally and our position as children of God. We got to a point of talking about the devil and his servants, who rather like grouping themselves in secret societies. Then he started talking about a certain illuminist by the name of Alice Bailey, who started out as a staunch Christian and a prayer warrior, an intercessor to be exact.


I was tempted to change the subject because in those days I did not entertain anything that had to do with operations by illuminists, occults, satanists or even secret societies. I think most of you who are reading this letter are already second-guessing its gist. Let me bring you up to speed; Alice, together with her powerful companions, drafted a 10-point plan to eliminate the Christian faith. To achieve that, they planned to change the Christian norms and surprisingly use the church to endorse it. Pardon me, but I will not get into the details of her plan, I will rather summarise what I got from our conversation.


It is worth noting that Alice died more than 60 years ago but her 100-year plan has been adopted by most governments globally and to continue with her legacy, secret societies are in the forefront of seeing that plan materialise. Her plan was to eliminate Christianity from the global education system, dismantle families by stopping children from being punished through corporal punishment and further encourage young people to engage in fornication and make it look like the coolest thing. She even wanted to use the media and adverts to change the perception of all that sex is the highest need for people without considering the legality of that act. She also lobbied for divorces and abortions to be made free and even make homosexuality as another way of life. She also wanted the world to have one faith and one God and all governments to accept such laws, and force the church to endorse these laws.


What pains me the most is that the church is like a sleeping giant, which needs so much effort to be awakened. We quickly forget that most of what is happening currently was prophesied in the word of God, we are quick to speak the language of the ungodly. We are quick to run after people who claim to be servants of God; where is our discerning spirit? Do we sometimes forget the helper (Holy Spirit) when we go about our daily duties and chores? When the world speaks ill of the healing power of God, we are amazingly among them. The confusion is supposed to be among people in the world but not to children of God. Awaken oh child of the Most High God, awaken from your deep sleep before it’s too late. Remember we look up to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith. Child of the Most High God, our journey is still long, look ahead.