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PokerStars Power Path: The Complete Player Guide

In July 2023, online poker giant PokerStars released a major new tournament system called Power Path, providing a new way to qualification to major live and online events. Players can participate every day for free for just logging and playing their normal games — an extra $15 of value each month. In this guide, we explain all.

PokerStars may have started as an online poker site, but over the years, the operator has created a major lineup of live events, the European Poker Tour (EPT) being the biggest and the most popular one of the lot. Looking for ways to make these events more available to average players, PokerStars has come up with Power Path, a new qualification system primarily on recreational players.

Although there are countless satellites and different ways for players to win seats for PokerStars-sponsored events worldwide, Power Path is different. It is easily accessible and geared towards those who want to get a taste of the live poker experience or play in one of the big online tournaments.

With that said, the system is not straightforward — there are four different steps, five different tournaments tournaments, three possible prizes and myriad paths through. There’s also great value in daily tickets — but unlocking these is not straightforward.

That’s where this guide comes in. You will learn what Power Path is, how it works, and why it might be the perfect way for you to win seats in a major PokerStars events, whether live or online.

PokerStars Power Path: Key Details

  • Four-step qualification system for major live & online events
  • Opt-in is required
  • Start with $0.50 Spin & Go and finish with $109 MTT
  • Get one free Step 1 ticket every day you play for real money
  • No direct buy-ins into the final step & no reentries
  • Final step winners receive Bronze, Silver and Gold Power Passes
  • Passes contain tournament entries, travel and accommodation, and more
  • Power Path Passes cannot be exchanged for money

What is PokerStars Power Path?

Power Path is a four-step system that gives players a chance to qualify for live and online PokerStars events — and you can start your journey for free, every day.

The first step is a $0.50 Spin & Go that you can buy into directly. But you will also get one ticket every day you log in and play for real money. You only need to opt into the promotion once, and then when you play real money online poker on PokerStars, you will get one free shot daily.

How to Claim Your Free Daily Power Path Ticket

All real-money players on PokerStars can get one free Step 1 Power Path ticket every day, provided they generate at least $0.01 in rake on a given day (cash games or tournaments). To ensure you receive your free tickets, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the 'Challenges’ section of the PokerStars client and opt-in for the challenge
  2. Play any real-money game and generate just $0.01 in rake
  3. Go to 'My Rewards’ section and open the chest
  4. You are guaranteed to receive a Step 1 Power Path ticket, with a slight chance of getting one of the main Power Passes
  5. Use the ticket to enter any Step 1 Power Path tournament

Power Path Steps: How to Progress

For the most part, Step 1 awards entry into Step 2, which is a $1 Sit and Go or a $1.50 MTT. However, there is a small chance you will immediately win one of the major prizes — a Bronze, Silver, or Gold ticket (see below).

Your Step 2 ticket will gain entry into either a $1 16-player Sit & Go or a $1.50 MTT, depending on which ticket you win in Step 1. Either way, the winners will receive $11 tickets for the Step 3 MTT. This awards entries to the fourth and final step of Power Path.

The Step 4 MTT is effectively a $109 tournament, but there is a catch — you cannot buy into this step directly. PokerStars did this to prevent the games from being flooded with professionals. You can enter all other steps directly by paying the buy-in, but you will at least have to go through Step 3 MTT to get to the final event.

PokerStars Power Path Steps

  • Step 1: $0.50 Spin & Go (one free shot every day if you play for real money)
  • Step 2: A $1 16-person sit & go or $1.50 MTT
  • Step 3: $11 MTT
  • Step 4: $109 MTT awarding three levels of Power Passes (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) – no direct buy-ins, no reentries

Power Path Passes

Depending on the number of entries, each final step of Power Path will award a certain number of tickets, called Power Passes. There are three different levels of these tickets — Gold, Silver, and Bronze. You can also win these as top prizes in the Step 1 Spin and Go.

1. PokerStars Power Path Gold Pass — $10,300 Value

The Gold Power Path ticket is the most valuable one you can win using this PokerStars step system. It is worth $10,300 in total, and you get a fair bit of freedom on how you can use it.

While the ticket cannot be exchanged for cash, you can use the funds to enter some of the largest PokerStars LIVE tournaments (like EPT) and cover your traveling expenses or to enter some of the biggest online events, such as the WCOOP Main Event.

2. PokerStars Power Path Silver Pass — $2500 Value

The Power Path Silver Pass is worth $2500, and you can also use it for live or online tournaments. The value is somewhat smaller, but it is still enough to cover buy-ins for smaller regional events like UKIPT, BSOP, etc.

3. PokerStars Power Path Bronze Pass — $109 value

The Bronze Power Pass is intended for online events. You can use it to enter any $109 tournament on PokerStars, including the operator’s flagship Sunday Million event.

Alternatively, the Bronze Pass can also be used to enter Step 4 of the Power Path challenge and try your hand at winning one of the two more valuable passes.

What Makes Power Path Different?

PokerStars has had similar satellite systems in place for years, but there has been a lot of hype surrounding Power Path, especially in terms of the opportunities it offers to recreational players. So, what is it that makes this new system different?

First of all, players cannot buy directly into the final step, which will likely discourage a fair number of top-level pros. Thus, the fields are much softer, and those who play will have a much better shot at winning one of the passes.

Since there is no direct buy-in, there are no reentries, either. This means that all players play on the same terms, regardless of how big their bankroll might be.

Secondly, you cannot unregister after winning a ticket and get tournament dollars. All packages won through Power Path are meant to be used as is. Winners will need to travel and play in designated events, which discourages satellite pros from grinding these tournaments.

The way PokerStars describes it, and we do have to agree, is that this system helps keep the poker dream alive. It represents a chance for a “small” guy in poker to win their way into a major event and take their shot at fame and fortune.

For many players out there, this is the goal — to play on the big stage and try their luck. They do not want to spend countless hours in front of their screens grinding away and building their bankroll. They cannot compete against the grinders who spend almost every waking hour either playing or analyzing the game.

With Power Path, everyone gets access to that opportunity, and their journey from $0.50 to that big shot is not riddled with insurmountable obstacles. Of course, there are still some pros playing in these events, but PokerStars did a good job structuring them in a way where many exclusively online grinders will have no interest in playing them whatsoever.

More Recreational Players in the Field

Power Path should help players of all shapes and sizes get seats in the events they want to play. Tournaments run around the clock, with packages often tailored to accommodate upcoming events. So, if you are interested in a tournament on the horizon, you can start taking your shots and eventually get your seat.

It could lead to many players who have never played a live tournament before joining the action, which is good for poker, no matter how you look at it. For the pros, it means a healthier ecosystem, and for the recs, it means more Moneymaker-like stories down the path!


What is Power Path by PokerStars?

Power Path is a four-step qualification system geared primarily towards recreational players at PokerStars. It gives players a chance to win entries into major online and live tournaments sponsored by PokerStars, like EPT, UKIPT, and more.

Who can participate in Power Path tournaments?

All PokerStars players are welcome to participate in Power Path tournaments. Make sure that the event you are targeting takes place in a country you are willing to travel to and where you are eligible to play.

If I win a Power Path Pass, can I unregister and take the money instead?

No, it is not possible to unregister and make money. Power Path has been designed for the players who want to play the actual tournaments, and this system helps make the field softer and gives recreational players a better shot.

Can I buy into the final Power Path MTT directly?

No, you cannot buy into the final $109 step directly. You will need to win your seat by playing at least one of the previous steps.

Can you reenter into the final Power Path step if you are eliminated?

No, reentries are not possible in the final MTT, which helps level the field. All participants only get one shot, so those with smaller bankrolls are not at a disadvantage.

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