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PokerStars Amabassador David Kaye Wins Second Title of 2023 NACOOP Series

September 25, 2023
David Kaye PokerStars

The list of players winning multiple titles during the 2023 PokerStars National Championship of Online Poker (NACOOP) series is piling up, and one of those individuals is now PokerStars ambassador David Kaye.

All the action took place across the PokerStars US platforms in Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Kaye wasn't the only player to win a second title on Sunday's Day 10 session. In the USCOOP (PokerStars MI/NJ), "Stonniepokes" won two tournaments on the same day.

The NACOOP series continues as PokerStars prepares to relaunch the North American Poker Tour in Las Vegas in November.

Players in the United States are joined by Ontario for a share of some big guarantees – as well as a Vegas Gold Pass, which will send players to the NAPT in Las Vegas before three days at the Oracle Red Bull Racing Fan Experience during the Las Vegas Grand Prix in November.

The full package is worth $20,030, and it includes:

  • Seat in the $5,300 NAPT Las Vegas High Roller (November 10-12)
  • 3-day pass for two (November 16-18) for Oracle Red Bull Racing Fan Experience in Las
  • 9 nights hotel accommodation for two (November 10-19) at Resorts World Las Vegas,
    including taxes and resort fees.
  • $4,000 towards flights and expenses.

Win a Red Spade Pass to Vegas for the F1 Race Through PokerStars US

PokerStars Ambassador Ships Another One

David Kaye PokerStars
David Kaye

Live reported by PokerNews, Event #47: $200 Sunday Special Championship, a USCOOP no-limit hold'em tournament with 965 entries in Michigan and New Jersey, had quite a thrilling finish. Kaye, who held a 3-1 chip advantage in heads-up play against "neverhaveit22," raised on the button with Ax10x.

The PokerStars ambassador's opponent then moved all in with Jx10x and was called by a superior hand. But that all changed when the flop came out Jx8x9x, giving "neverhaveit22" top pair. Kaye wasn't drawing dead as his ace was still live, and he could chop with a straight on the turn or river.

The Kx on the turn changed things a bit as it put Kaye in position to win the hand outright on a straight if a Qx appeared on the river, which it did.

Kaye received $29,343 for first place, while the runner-up was paid $20,916 in one of the biggest tournaments thus far in the NACOOP. The champion claimed his second title of the series. His first came on Day 4 in Event #20: $250 Battle Royale Championship for $5,510.

USCOOP Event #47: $200 Sunday Special Championship Final Table Results

7"TTV JThrizz"$3,849

There were six additional winners on Day 10 of the USCOOP for players in Michigan and New Jersey. "Stonniepokes" represented two of them for taking down Event #49 for $11,664 and Event #51 for $1,383, both as part of a chop arrangement. The other winners on the day were "Rogggggy" (Event #45), "RandyLahey SV" (Event #46), "phillychzsteak" (Event #48), and "Kingston511" (Event #50).

The USCOOP continues on Monday with four more tournaments, including Event #52: $100 NLHE [Bigstack Battle Royale], a $35,000 guaranteed tournament.

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Recent 2023 USCOOP Winners

EventEntriesPrize PoolWinnerPrize
USCOOP 30: $250 PLO [Pot Limit Omaha Championship], $30K Gtd211$49,163"G00BER_H0TLINE"$9,647
USCOOP 31: $50 NLHE [Progressive KO, Freezeout], $10K Gtd357$16,244"Kuan28837"$2,725
USCOOP 32: $75 NLHE [Storm Chance Turbo], 12K Gtd285$19,451""$3,702
USCOOP Event #33: $500 High Roller Thrill Championship, Progressive KO, $80K GTD166$80,000"EarnhardtFan59"$6,854+$10,773
USCOOP Event #34: $100 Bigstack Thrill, Progressive KO, $45K641$58,844"Dude the Dude 80"$3,986+$4,125
USCOOP Event #35: Razz, $5K GTD159$7,235"bbissick"$1,466
USCOOP Event #36: $30 Mini Thursday Thrill, Progressive KO769$20,994"aszaszin3636"$1,382+$1,900
USCOOP Event #37: $20 PLO Bounty Builder Adrenaline, Progressive KO, $6K GTD353$6,636"bbissick"$493+$723
USCOOP Event #38: $100 NLHE Bigstack Friday Night Fight, Progressive KO, $40K GTD586$53,795"rkellyisere"$3,686+$4,724
USCOOP Event #39: $200 NLH 4-Max Championship, $35K GTD252$46,872"thewholefunk"$9,035
USCOOP 40: $30 NLHE [Saturday Iron Man], $7.5K Gtd476$12,994"Hans Neiman"$2,310
USCOOP 41: $50 NLHE, $17.5K Gtd576$25,798"bbissick"$4,561
USCOOP 42: $50 NLHE [Progressive KO], $17.5K Gtd576$26,208"pinksquirrel7"$1,805 + $2,175
USCOOP 43: $100 NLHE [Deepstack Championship], $35K Gtd619$56,824"FoxyNinja22"$10,007
USCOOP 44: $30 NLHE [7-Max, Turbo], $6K Gtd391$10,064"Hans Neiman"$1,946
USCOOP 45: $50 NLHE [Half Price Marathon], $17.5K Gtd483$21,976"Rogggggy"$3,907
USCOOP 46: $10 NLHE [Sunday Starter], $6K Gtd854$7,771"RandyLahey SV"$1,297
USCOOP 47: $200 NLHE [Sunday Special Championship], $150K Gtd965$179,490"DavidKayePoker"$29,343
USCOOP 48: $30 NLHE [Mini Sunday Special], $30K Gtd1425$38,902"phillychzsteak"$5,969
USCOOP 49: $1,000 NLHE High Roller $100K Gtd139$132,050"Stonniepokes"$11,664*
USCOOP 50: $100 PLO [5-Max], $15K Gtd224$20,563"Kingston511"$2,970*
USCOOP 51: $50 NLHE [Bounty Builder Adrenaline], $12K Gtd405$19,035"Stonniepokes"$1,383*

Big Win for "mbw2388" in PACOOP


Sunday's action brought about some large fields on PokerStars Pennsylvania in the PACOOP part of the NACOOP. The biggest winner of the day went to "mbw22388," who beat out a huge field of 744 entrants in Event #47: $200 Sunday Special Championship for $23,481.

The tournament had a $125,000 guaranteed minimum prize pool, but that was easily surpassed. When registration closed, the pot hit $138,384. In second place was "KennytheRipper," who had already won an event during this same series. The runner-up took home $16,738 for the deep run. The third place finish for $11,931 went to "peiffer12."

PACOOP Event #47: $200 Sunday Special Championship Final Table Results


It wasn't just "mbw2388" coming up with big wins on Sunday in Pennsylvania's PACOOP series. The other six winners on the day were "MICHAEL SCARN3" (Event #45), "JohnDocHoliday" (Event #46), "mazikkkk77" (Event #48), "Vertimax" (Event #49), "TryptophanMan" (Event #50), and "NellieKane1" (Event #51).

The PACOOP rolls on with five tournaments on Monday, keeping in line with the schedule if its USCOOP counterpart.

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Recent 2023 PACOOP Winners

EventEntriesPrize PoolWinnerPrize
PACOOP 30: $250 PLO [Pot Limit Omaha Championship], $30K Gtd160$37,280"TryptophanMan"$7,556
PACOOP 31: $50 NLHE [Progressive KO, Freezeout], $8K Gtd258$11,738"Cheten95"$2,220
PACOOP 32: $75 NLHE [Storm Chance Turbo], 10K Gtd208$14,196Casey "superdonkeydave" Hatmaker$2,792
PACOOP Event #33: $500 High Roller Thrill Championship, Progressive KO, $75K GTD165$77,550"mlf5135"$6,463+$10,295
PACOOP Event 34: $100 Bigstack Thrill, Progressive KO, $35K GTD496$45,533"TightisRight570"$3,206+$5,288
PACOOP Event 35: Razz, $5K GTD129$5,866"hunterm708"$1,320
PACOOP Event 36: $30 Mini Thursday Thrill, Progressive KO, $12.5K GTD542$14,797"MikeHawk8790"$3,206+$5,288
PACOOP Event 37: $20 PLO Bounty Builder Adrenaline, Progressive KO, $5K GTD274$5,151"xnbomb51"$401+855
PACOOP Event #38: Bigstack Friday Night Fight, Progressive KO, $30K GTD485$44,523"KennytheRipper$3,083+$4,694
PACOOP Event #39: $200 4-Max Championship, $30K GTD194$36,084"vaysmoney"$5,995*
PACOOP 40: $30 NLHE [Saturday Iron Man], $6K Gtd330$9,009"yonickb23"$1,512*
PACOOP 41: $50 NLHE, $15K Gtd344$15,652"Wentzfather2"$2,889
PACOOP 42: $50 NLHE [Progressive KO], $15K Gtd451$20,520"DrJordanBelfort"$1,441 + $1,445
PACOOP 43: $100 NLHE [Deepstack Championship], $30K Gtd390$35,802"money87mesk"$6,520
PACOOP 44: $30 NLHE [7-Max, Turbo], $5K Gtd254$6,934"TheSwagWagoon"$1,328
PACOOP 45: $50 NLHE [Half Price Marathon], $15K Gtd407$18,518"MICHAEL SCARN3"$3,272
PACOOP 46: $10 NLHE [Sunday Starter], $5K Gtd608$5,532"JohnDocHoliday"$971
PACOOP 47: $200 NLHE [Sunday Special Championship], $125K Gtd744$138,384"mbw2388"$23,481
PACOOP 48: $30 NLHE [Mini Sunday Special], $25K Gtd940$25,662"mazikkkk77"$4,265
PACOOP 49: $1,000 NLHE High Roller $100K Gtd139$132,050"Vertimax"$11,664*
PACOOP 50: $100 PLO [5-Max], $15K Gtd190$17,442"TryptophanMan"$2,756
PACOOP 51: $50 NLHE [Bounty Builder Adrenaline], $10K Gtd342$16,074"NellieKane1"$1,214*

Be sure to keep it tuned to PokerNews for daily recaps of the action all over North American throughout the NACOOP, and come back to PokerNews on Sunday for live coverage of the Sunday Special Championship and the PKO High Roller Championship on both platforms.

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