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Four Victories For "Windexxxx" In PokerStars Ontario's 2023 ONCOOP

September 25, 2023

Last week saw several screennames become main characters in the story of the 2023 ONCOOP. This last week, players have claimed multiple titles, won huge prizes, and earned prestigious trophies.

After a big kickoff on PokerStars Ontario last weekend, ONCOOP got properly underway. So far 75 of the 137 events have been completed putting us over the halfway mark.

ONCOOP is the Ontario-based segment of a wider concatenation of online poker festivals which PokerStars has called the North American Championship of Online Poker.

NACOOP also encompasses the PACOOP festival in Pennsylvania and the USCOOP festival in Michigan and New Jersey, both of which are running now with live reporting from our PokerNews team.

Win An NAPT Gold Pass

All three NACOOP series offer players a chance to win a share of massive prize pools. There is $2,000,000 guaranteed across ONCOOP, with $175,000 guaranteed for the ONCOOP Main Event alone.

PokerStars Ontario is also offering the ONCOOP Main Event champion a $20,000 NAPT Gold Pass which includes:

  • a US$5,300 seat at the NAPT High Roller,
  • return flights to Las Vegas, and
  • luxury accommodation in Vegas for nine nights.

*All dollar amounts are Canadian dollars unless otherwise stated.

Climbing The Leaderboards

With around half the events of the series concluded the ONCOOP leaderboards are beginning to take shape. Whoever ends up in the top ten, there are cash prizes going, starting from $100 and rising to $2,500. The first-place finisher also wins this year's ONCOOP Player of the Series Trophy.

Several players are in the running, having earned multiple big wins across the series. At the top of the leaderboards is "windexxxx" with four titles, including an $11,359 victory in ONCOOP 71: Battle Royale.

Another strong contender is "dusty truth" with two titles, a second-place finish, and a sixth-place final table cash. "Dusty truth's" final table cash, just happened to be at the biggest final table of the series so far, ONCOOP 19: Ontario Sunday Special Championship.

"Eremys" Wins Sunday Special Championship

With a buy-in of $200 and 451 entries, the prize pool for ONCOOP 19: Ontario Sunday Special Championship hit $84,112 after rake. This made ONCOOP 19 the biggest event of the series so far.

The only other prize pool to come close to this sum was ONCOOP 70: Ontario Championship of PKO NLHE which hit $81,005 off the back of 85 entries and a $1,000 buy-in.

Sixty-three players made the money in ONCOOP 19, with "eremys" coming out on top at the final table to earn themselves an ONCOOP Championship title. After "eremys" negotiated a two-way chop with "brano9," that title was worth $14,143.

Second place was worth $12,086 for "Brano9."

ONCOOP 19: $200 Ontario Sunday Special Championship Final Table Results

8"dusty truth"$1,802

*Two-way chop.

Arlie Shaban Picks Up Another 2023 ONCOOP Title

Arlie Shaban
Arlie Shaban

Arlie "Pablo Poker" Shaban continues to try to beat the extraordinary five-title run he made at the 2022 ONCOOP.

Shaban was able to seal another first-place finish in ONCOOP 26: Session Starter.

This title is no doubt more satisfying after his previous victory in ONCOOP 2: Mini Kickoff PKO was superseded when the event was rerun on September 18.

Shaban had the added joy of winning for an audience. The Canadian pro was live streaming ONCOOP 26 on Twitch when he won. The footage, show him declaring himself not just the champion of ONCOOP 26 but also "the happiest guy ever."

PokerStars 2023 ONCOOP Results To Date

DateBuy-inTo MergeEntriesPrize PoolWinnerPrize (including bounties)
Sep 15$100ONCOOP 1: Kickoff PKO362$33,232"Ridin2Aces"$6,960
Sep 15$30ONCOOP 2: Mini Kickoff PKO192$10,000"Prince Pablo"$2,110
Sep 15$50ONCOOP 3: PKO464$21,112"hendriks15"$3,400
Sep 15$200ONCOOP 4: Friday Night Fight157$29,281"I want YerFG"$5,903
Sep 15$30ONCOOP 5: Mini Friday Night Fight368$10,046"zack cress"$1,837
Sep 15$100ONCOOP 6: PKO140$12,852"stsetf"$1,227
Sep 15$30ONCOOP 7: Progressive Big KO247$6,965"SmallLittleBee"$1,597
Sep 16$20ONCOOP 8: Saturday Early Bird PKO430$7,826"Lattecaffè"$1,406
Sep 16$50ONCOOP 9: No Limit Hold'em172$7,826"allenshen"$1,575
Sep 16$200ONCOOP 10: Weekend Starter PKO123$22,940"bcforrest"$6,640
Sep 16$50ONCOOP 11: Mini Weekend Starter PKO403$18,337"osmosis21"$3,634
Sep 16$500ONCOOP 12: Ontario Open Championship86$40,592"TeeWee55"$8,772
Sep 16$30ONCOOP 13: NLHE/PLO 8-max226$6,170"JROMB24"$1,213
Sep 16$50ONCOOP 14: 5-max PKO306$13,923"dusty truth"$2,678
Sep 16$10ONCOOP 15: 7-max Turbo400$3,640"Armstrong1985"$664
Sep 17$20ONCOOP 16: Sunday Early Bird447$8,135"Jammn76"$1,463
Sep 17$50ONCOOP 17: Progressive Big KO410$18,655"abendy"$2,978
Sep 17$500ONCOOP 18: Sunday High Roller99$46,728"birddy420"$11,230
Sep 17$200ONCOOP 19: Ontario Sunday Special Championship451$84,112"eremys"$14,143
Sep 17$20ONCOOP 20: Mini Sunday Special794$14,451"hardknotlife"$2,450
Sep 17$50ONCOOP 21: 5-card Omaha PKO143$6,507"windexxxx"$2,074
Sep 17$50ONCOOP 22: Sunday Cooldown230$10,465"ThriLLhou$e 313"$2,038
Sep 17$20ONCOOP 23: PKO Big Ante353$6,425"WTR72DN"$1,113
Sep 17$50ONCOOP 24: Sunday Supersonic199$9,353"BrokeJokeTim"$1,857
Sep 18$30ONCOOP 25: Morning Early Bird270$7,371"OrganicBigMac"$331
Sep 18$50ONCOOP 26: Session Starter195$8,873"Prince Pablo"$1,745
Sep 18$500ONCOOP 27: Monday High Roller77$36,344"FireFaux"$8,847
Sep 18$100ONCOOP 28: Ontario The Brawl Championship484$44,431"RedPantRed"$7,468
Sep 18$30ONCOOP 2: Mini Kickoff (rerun)523$14,278"danchok89"$2,354
Sep 18$20ONCOOP 29: Limit Stud H/L133$2,421"osmosis21"$512
Sep 18$50ONCOOP 30: Heads Up Trainer (Progressive Total KO, Zoom)205$9,328"kturani"$1,715
Sep 18$30ONCOOP 31: Deepstack216$6,091"windexxxx"$1,191
Sep 19$100ONCOOP 32: Fat Tuesday221$20,288"DrAwssome"$3,753
Sep 19$1,000ONCOOP 33: Super Tuesday High Roller61$58,133"TeeWee55"$18,063
Sep 19$100ONCOOP 34: Mini Tuesday High Roller290$26,622"epyon91"$5,082
Sep 19$300ONCOOP 35: Ontario Championship of Heads Up NLHE135$37,800"I want YerFG"$12,057
Sep 19$50ONCOOP 36: Tuesday Crusher273$12,422"ronin777636"$2,565
Sep 19$30ONCOOP 37: Hyper-Turbo216$6,091"gfieldmain"$1,196
Sep 20$20ONCOOP 38: Wednesday Early Bird298$5,424"OMGKOBE86"$1,027
Sep 20$30ONCOOP 39: Big Ante171$4,668"St0kes"$936
Sep 20$500ONCOOP 40: PKO High Roller61$28,792"zemth"$9,780
Sep 20$50ONCOOP 41: Mini PKO High Roller412$18,746"Boyy"$3,117
Sep 20$100ONCOOP 42: Ontario Championship of 6-max NLHE342$31,396"FireFaux"$5,883
Sep 20$20ONCOOP 43: No Limit Omaha PKO236$4,295"McGrd"$856
Sep 20$20ONCOOP 44: 5-max279$5,245"Aquabounty"$728
Sep 21$30ONCOOP 45: Quick Warm-Up, Progressive Big KO269$7,344"Don Coog"$1,311
Sep 21$2,000ONCOOP 46: Thursday Thrill High Roller32$61,120"birddy420"$25,718
Sep 21$200ONCOOP 47: Ontario Thursday Thrill Championship269$50,169"mcconnema14"$10,714
Sep 21$20ONCOOP 48: Mini Thursday Thrill707$12,867"sweetballs74"$1,431
Sep 21$50ONCOOP 49: 8-max287$13,059"Bluffer1414"$2,226
Sep 21$10ONCOOP 50: Hyper-Turbo PKO371$3,487"jay20220909"$665
Sep 22$20ONCOOP 51: Friday Marathon283$5,151"va1umart"$982
Sep 22$30ONCOOP 52: PKO378$10,319"newsworthy1"$1,674
Sep 22$500ONCOOP 53: Friday Chill72$33,984"kturani"$10,560
Sep 22$100ONCOOP 54: Friday Mini Chill208$19,094"MagnusGG89"$3,726
Sep 22$50ONCOOP 55: PKO364$16,562"Vanguish19"$2,606
Sep 22$30ONCOOP 56: PKO 6-max223$6,088"newsworthy1"$1,397
Sep 22$50ONCOOP 57: Faster Friday133$6,251"dusty truth"$1,322
Sep 23$30ONCOOP 58: Sunday Early Bird294$8,026"NewmansOwn24"$1,546
Sep 23$100ONCOOP 59: Session Starter100$9,180"Mgh.Ca"$2,176
Sep 23$20ONCOOP 60: Mini Session Starter285$5,187"gabika1215"$990
Sep 23$500ONCOOP 61: Saturday High Roller36$16,992"BrianSlader"$7,620
Sep 23$300ONCOOP 62: Ontario Championship of Deepstack NLHE130$36,400"Marla Singer93"$7,978
Sep 23$10ONCOOP 63: Mini Deepstack592$5,387"eXampLe1991"$951
Sep 23$50ONCOOP 64: PKO391$17,791"allenshen"$3,077
Sep 23$100ONCOOP 65: Fast Saturday, Big Ante132$12,118"92c92m"$2,563
Sep 23$20ONCOOP 66: PKO385$7,238"JaxonJackson"$1,213
Sep 24$30ONCOOP 67: Sunday Early Bird455$12,422"windexxxx"$2,007
Sep 24$100ONCOOP 68: Warm-Up133$12,209"I want YerFG"$2,676
Sep 24$50ONCOOP 69: Progressive Total KO346$15,743"brick20"$3,344
Sep 24$1,000ONCOOP 70: Ontario Championship of PKO NLHE85$81,005"xx23xx"$20,840
Sep 24$300ONCOOP 71: Battle Royale180$50,400"windexxxx"$11,359
Sep 24$50ONCOOP 72: Mini Battle Royale484$22,022"shadytime11"$3,764
Sep 24$100ONCOOP 73: Ontario Championship of PLO216$19,829"Choron"$3,870
Sep 24$20ONCOOP 74: PKO401$7,298"xx_bmac_xx"$1,106
Sep 24$50ONCOOP 75: SuperSonic PKO226$10,622"fahdsmom"$2,406

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