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Sealing the Votes in Maryland County: How Chambers Arrowheads the CDC’s Dominance

Speaker Chambers being welcomed by traditional leaders

The Maryland County District Two Representative and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr. Bhofal Chambers has once again demonstrated his popularity and influence in the politics of Maryland County when he led a campaign for voter registration in his native, Pleebo Sodoken.

The Biometric Voter Registration Process which was started in Maryland County and other counties making the second face of the electoral calendar event, lasted from April 21, 2023, through May 11, 2023.

Huge turnout to receive the Speaker

A mammoth crowd of tens of thousands, unprecedented in the records of politics in Maryland County, assembled throughout all the major routes, towns, and villages and subsequently congregated in the Pleebo City square, presented their statement of support for the continuity in favor of their Representative, Dr. Bhofal Chambers for the fourth term, and Dr. George M. Weah as President of the Republic of Liberia, pursuing a second term, with both men under the umbrella of Liberia’s ruling political establishment, the Coalition of Democratic Changes, a conglomeration of three independent political parties. 

Another scene during the Speaker’s tour

Under Liberia’s laws, a member of the Legislature has unlimited terms. Any particular lawmaker, be it a Representative or Senator, can be elected as many times as possible once he or she has an electoral win.

 Unlike the Liberian Legislature, the Executive branch is headed by a President. The Liberian laws provide that anyone contesting the Presidency must at least win 50% plus one of the total vote casts, and such a person is only eligible for two terms.

It has been established that Dr. Chambers has continuously shown his political grip in his native Maryland County and such affluence and influence, pundits believed play to the favor of the CDC. Mr. Steven Russell a resident of Harper City told this medium that he has sought to enhance a good political cooperation with the Maryland County District Two Lawmaker, Dr. Bhofal Chambers. According to Russell, he is a witness of the Marylanders’ genuine political support for Dr. Chambers.

Russell noted that many persons have boasted about the level of maturity Chambers has brought to the Office of the Speaker coupled with his level of tolerance, projects initiations throughout his native Pleebo Sodoken, his contribution and the promotion of education for, with, and amongst a lot of young people in Maryland County.

Other areas or towns visited by this medium included Sedeken. Kwiloken, Seleyken, Gbolobo, Gbloken , Gedetabo, Old and New Pleebo.  During a vox spot view sampling with residents, several Marylanders have stated that they have no reason not to continue with their Representative.

They intoned that so far, the citizens have found no one up to the task and they have vowed yet another term for Dr. Chambers and pledged their commitment to him for further political direction.

Downtown in the city center of Pleebo, Mr. Kuwait Nyemah an elder of the town on the sidelines at a voter registration center told this medium that throughout Maryland County the people look up to Chambers to give political direction. Mr. Nyemah says he’s yet to see any politician in the County with such a level of influence as Chambers does.

Pleebo Sodoken District is one of the most populated districts in Maryland County and has a repetition of huge significance in elections.

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